Creepy Chocolate Apples
Chocolate apples are one of my favourite treats around Halloween. Not only are they easy to make, but they’re also cheap to make too. Oh, and they taste pretty good. I have to admit, it does ease some of the guilt of all of the Halloween treats everywhere, knowing under the chocolate is an apple. I decided to share my tips for creating the best chocolate apples, as last year it took me two attempts to make the ‘perfect’ chocolate apple. So I thought I’d share with some tips I’ve picked up along the way and hope you enjoy making some of your own chocolate apples. 
*Any toppings go, with chocolate apples the world is your oyster, you can cover them in pretty much anything and everything you want. I went for a lot of honeycomb bites this, mini marshmallows are good and we even decided to put some chilli in the chocolate for one them. Dependant on who you are making them for you can vary the toppings. I decided to go for a spooky theme this year instead of a more colourful theme like last year. 
*Roll them in chocolate instead of pouring it on top, it tends to give better coverage, as last year I tried to spoon the chocolate on and it was just a mess, don’t even get me started on my attempt of caramel apples.
Creepy Chocolate Apples
*Use lollipop sticks instead of the cake pop sticks, as they’re so much cheaper and you can get a variety of colours making them even more fun.
*You have to be quick when making chocolate apples, as they set quite quickly. It is important to let them set a little once you’ve put the chocolate on them whilst doing the others, but get the toppings on as much as you can do before they set. 
*Pick the ‘right’ type of apple, I’ve tried these with other apples and none of them compares to Granny Smith, in my opinion, I think it’s because they’re so bitter, they compliment the chocolate. 
*Be creative with it, I would say that making chocolate apples perfect isn’t something you need to do, so it’s great to have fun with and chuck whatever you want over the top of them.
Do you like chocolate apples? 

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