EASY Halloween Bat-tastic Bark

Spooky Halloween Bark

Halloween Bat-tastic Bark This year has been pretty pants so far, hasn’t it? But with Halloween upcoming, I’ve decided to share some of the content I’ve been working on a little early this year. If you’re a regular reader of Dungarees & Donuts, you’ll know that I’m a huge Halloween fan. So the best time […]

My Ultimate Cream Cheese Halloween Cupcakes

halloween cupcakes cream cheese

How to make Halloween cupcakes with a cream cheese twist. October means it’s Halloween month, which is my favourite month of the year, followed by a close December. I love Halloween as it allows me to be super creative and buy all of the decorations gothic decorations which are in TK Maxx as they are […]

Fun Pumpkin Biscuits for Halloween!

Halloween Pumpkin biscuits with faces

¬† Halloween is coming! October basically means one thing right? Halloween! If you’re like me and love Halloween you started to plan your content months before it is ‘acceptable’ and were waiting for the shops to bring in their Halloween goodness and if you’re also like me, you’ll have purchased a ton of decor from […]