How to cope with the winter blues
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Coping with the Winter Blues

Last November year I wrote a post all about SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and with summer drawing to close and the darker evenings and grim mornings on the horizon, I decided to try and get prepared to tackle the Winter Blues head-on this year. Although I know I will still suffer from this each year, I also know some ways to manage it which I didn’t know last year. It’s important to remember like most mental illness, you’re going to have up and downs and not to feel bad when things are getting on top of you. Remember to be kind to your mind and check out these tips for further ideas on coping with the winter blues. 

Remove blackout curtains

I can hands down say that removing the blackout curtains I had in my room has helped me on a bigger scale than I could have imagined. Previously I had dark purple curtains which were lined with blackout fabric, so even in the middle of the day, it appeared like it was 11 pm. It sucked up all of my motivation and made it almost impossible to remove myself from my bed. Being able to wake up naturally by some light from outside is always a benefit.

Keep warm

Being cold is one of my biggest triggers when it comes to SAD, nobody likes to feel cold and with asthma, I feel the cold even more. Allowing yourself to wrap up warm in the winter is going to make you feel much better. Plus it allows you to buy some new staple pieces for your wardrobe. Win-win, right? 

Bigger windows 

This year my landlord had all of the windows in our house changed which I am excited to see if this makes a difference to my mental health. I know in the summer it has kept the whole house bright and has left me feeling amazing. So I hope that the same will occur in the winter. Going through a company such as will allow you to find the perfect windows for your home. New windows are also a benefit as they will keep you warm throughout the winter months ahead.  

Take vitamins

Along with the light the sun provides, it also offers a variety of health benefits. Vitamin D is also known as “the sunshine vitamin” and it is super important to our overall health and wellbeing. For those who work in an office or long shifts where there isn’t many windows and a lack of chances to go outside, you can be struck the hardest with a lack of vitamin D. 

Without vitamin D we can find ourselves feeling down, less motivated and more tired. The sun is super important to our bodies, a lot more than most realise. So taking vitamin tablets can be a great way to supplement the lack of sun and boost your mood.

A lightbox   

I mentioned this within my last post and a lot of you messaged me to let me know that you have your own lightboxes and how beneficial they are. These boxes provide light which is 10 times brighter than the light within your home. Being exposed to this can help boost your Vitamin D levels as it acts as a replacement to the sun. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and learnt something new about beating the winter blues. 

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