Freelancers with mental health

How to improve your mental health as a freelancer AD

  *This post is sponsored* Being a freelancer for most of us is tough. Really tough infact. With a lack of security from month to month, awaiting invoices to be paid and hoping that your clients like your work. On the flip side of that, being self-employed and being able to work to my own […]

How sleep can affect your mental health

How sleep impacts your mental health

*This post is in collaboration with TEMPUR®, however, all thoughts within this post are my own*  I have an on-off relationship with sleep, it’s been going on for years. There are nights when I struggle to get any sleep, like I will be tossing and turning for hours and then there are other nights where […]

A blog post about why mental health is still a taboo topic in society

Why is mental illness still a taboo topic?

Why Is Mental Health Still A Taboo Topic? 2019: the year of the pig, the year in which Tic Tacs turn 50 and 10 years since Avatar first hit our screens. 2019 is also the year in which mental illness still remains hidden away by most. If it is invisible, it doesn’t exist, right? Wrong. Suicide […]

Ghosted by my best friend

Ghosted by my friend.

                            ” Ghosting: the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.”  Something most of us have experienced in our lives, whether we’ve put a name to the experience or just moved on, […]