Rainy day box Sherbet Lane

It’s been a *little* while since Sherbet Lane has featured been featured on my blog, but thanks to the lovely Claire who is the genius behind the box gifting me this box, I am back with another review for you. I know a lot of you enjoy stationery and my last review of the SherbetBox Club went down a treat. Each month has a different theme and is helped to be decided by the members of the Sherbet Lane Facebook group. The theme this month is Rainy Day, which with us heading into the colder months it is a pretty relevant theme. As I am a huge advocate of self-care, this box is the perfect companion to help you through the days when you just need a little pick me up. Oh, and the contents of the box are a complete surprise so it is like a little present to you from you. I’d love to know in the comments what your thoughts are on the box and if you’d like to keep seeing reviews of the box each month, let me know below! 

Rainy day box Sherbet Lane
Rainy day box Sherbet Lane
I was instantly drawn to the book which said ‘rainy day doodles’ on it, which I was half expecting a notebook to do some doodles in, but once I opened it up I saw pages of step by step drawings, which for someone who is terrible at drawing and art, in general, I found this an awesome touch, oh and there is a bunny and a cute rabbit to draw too, yay. The book is super lightweight so it would be great to take on a journey with you. I noticed the pink envelope which says ‘a little something to remind you on a rainy day that the sunshine is never really that far away’ the quote in itself is adorable, but when I opened it up I was greeted with an adorable little ice cream charm, which is such a thoughtful thing to add in there. I especially would enjoy finding this on one of my down days, as it is a great reminder.
Next, I took a look at the stickers which had a label on saying ‘no rain, now flowers’ colour in stickers, which I thought was an adorable addition to the box and I can’t wait to start colouring them in, these would be a great addition to a seal card or just to stick to a notepad. Following this, I noticed some adorable paper with paint splatters on, some envelopes and some large confetti, along with a pen. Which I assume is to write letters, I loved this in the last box as it allowed me to send cards to all of my friends and also include confetti in them, happy mail is the one.
Rainy day box Sherbet Lane
Buried inside of the box was an adorable little notepad which has to do lists on them, which I love to create to help myself work through my tasks, especially during times that I feel down, I find it encouraging to be able to tick things off of the list. As the smallest tasks can make the biggest difference. The final piece within the box was two matchboxes which at first confused me until I found the pieces of paper which came with the boxes and it has all of the steps and even the background to create an adorable matchbox scene. Claire also included a tube of glitter glue, which is pretty smart as I am forever forgetting things I need for baking/art, but everything is right in front of you to be able to create a masterpiece. The concept behind the matchboxes is simple, but they look amazing and different to anything you’d usually find in a subscription box. This box is perfect for just about anyone, but as an adult, I found it a great break from the real world (and technology) and I enjoyed using all of the pieces in the box.  
SherbetBox Rainy Day Review
If you’re interested in getting your own hands on one of the Sherbet Lane boxes, Claire has provided an amazing discount code of 25% off your first box by using code ‘FIRSTSB’, so you’d be pretty mad not to make the most of it!
**This box was kindly gifted to me, but all thoughts are my own and I am totally in love with happy mail Claire creates each month!

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