I can’t help but be obsessed with some of the things you can find on Etsy, the place is full of artistic genius. I often head over to Etsy when I’m looking for something creative, whether that be stickers, blog layouts or jewellery. I know there will be something I love. Last year I had a subscription to Stickii Club where each month I’d get tons of new stickers and it was super exciting to receive every month. I cancelled the subscription when I ended up too many stickers and until now I’ve not really purchased anymore. When I came across ThePerfectParadox on Etsy I instantly fell in love with the stickers upon the page and knew I needed to get some. With stickers from games, films, tv shows, kawaii cuteness and even childhood favourites, I was drawn in and knew I had to get some stickers. With the owner Rachel offering your 5th pack of stickers free. Plus all of the stickers are super reasonably priced and fantastic quality with each pack having varying amounts of stickers in. So I decided to share with you some of the packs I purchased as I’m all about supporting small businesses and of course they’re adorable too.          

Stickers from Etsy Seller Perfect Paradox
Stickers from Etsy Seller Perfect Paradox

Mario Stickers:
Recently I purchased a Nintendo switch and I am obsessed with the Mario games, it’s like the ultimate throwback to childhood. These adorable stickers have cute faces on and you can’t help but love them. With your favourites from Peach to Yoshi, the stickers have them all. I really like the art style of them, they are unlike the original Nintendo designs and have a watercolour hand-drawn theme. 

Disneyland Paris Stickers:
These stickers are adorable as they feature different parts of what you can get within the Disney parks, from the Mickey Mouse cupcakes to an adorable backpack which would be something similar to what you can purchase within the parks. These stickers would be amazing for a Disney fanatic to cover their planner pages in. 

Stickers from Etsy Seller Perfect Paradox

90’s Childhood Pack:
When I saw the beanie babies in this packet I knew I had to have them, then I noticed bop it and also playdough and fell in love. The stickers are vibrant and give me a sense of my childhood, and each sticker is lifelike to the real thing that it represents, whether that be a beanie baby or original Game Boy console, this sticker pack is sure to impress any 90s fans. 

Unicorn Kitties Pack: 
Finally, I saw these adorable unicorn kitties, doing a variety of cute things and you can’t help but love these rainbow unicorn kitties. These stickers feature a very simple design style which helps to add to their cartoon aesthetic. They are bold and bright which makes them look fantastic, and since they are in a multitude of different poses and actions they have a lot of function to them. I personally think these stickers could be adorable additions to things like stationery sets. 

Stickers from Etsy Seller Perfect Paradox

For anyone looking to get their hands on some adorable stickers, ThePerfectParadox provided my readers with code ‘Olivia20’ to get 20% off your first purchase. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments one of your favourite small businesses so I can go check them out and send some love their way. 

*This post was not sponsored in any way, nor were the items gifted.* 


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