This post contains gifted items. 
Stationery haul from Norma and Dorothy

Introducing Norma & Dorothy

Launched in 2013 by Grace Sherriff, Norma & Dorothy create gorgeous personalised stationery, starting out in weddings, they’ve also branched out to other types of gifting as well as creating a variety of cards for tons of occasions. The business started when Grace was asked to create invites for a family wedding, bringing back her passion of crafting back to life and before she knew it, Grace was able to make her own business from her passion.
This makes me love the business, even more, there is something extra special about handmade items as you know they were made with love. When it comes to their wedding collection Norma & Dorothy offer the full package, from invites through to welcome signs and place cards. With your wedding being your special day being able to have something handcrafted for you makes the world of difference as you know it’s going to be unique. If you’re looking for wedding stationery, Norma & Dorothy has an offer for up to 3 free stationery samples (all you need to do is pay to ship them) to help you decide what you want for your big day. As some of you may know, I am engaged and wedding planning is something that I hope is on the cards really soon and I know when I start, I’ll be heading straight over to Norma & Dorothy for some assistance.  
I was kindly gifted two pieces from their site which both arrived super quickly and look amazing. Here is a little review of the pieces. 
Norma and Dorothy haul

Personalised Notebook:

Firstly is an amazing personalised notebook which says ‘dream big’ on it, with my name underneath both in foil on a lovely blush pink cover and if you know me, you’ll know I love all things stationery, but notebooks are my ultimate weakness. I’ve recently fallen back in love with drawing again so it’s likely this notebook will be filled some of my amazing (and not so much) creations. The pages in the book are plain and great quality, so perfect to draw on. The paper is bound together by a rose gold ring binder making it easier to remove pages if needs be. The notebook costs £22 which is a little pricey for a notebook, however, knowing it is handcrafted and the quality of the pages, I’d say it is worth the money, especially as a wedding planner. There are other personalised notebooks on the site too which are £14 and look just as good quality. 

Norma and Dorothy Haul





















Personalised Candle:

The other item I received was a personalised candle with the initial ‘O’ on and you are able to choose the sent of your candle from a choice of 5 which I like the idea of as it feels a little more personal to you. I went for Tranquility as the description sounded lush, “a calming, fresh scent reminiscent of relaxing spa days” I’m usually not one for picking candles online as I am super fussy but the fact that the scent was described in such detail, I knew I’d be on to a winner. Their other scents consist of Velvet Rose and OUD, Cassis & Wild Fig, Orange and Cinamon and finally Sandalwood and Black Pepper. It was a tough choice as most of them sound like something I’d love. Whether you want to keep this candle to look good or want to burn it the choice is yours. The candle has over 40 hours burn time and the jar can be reused after the candle has burnt out. 

From my first shop at Norma & Dorothy and how lovely their site is I know, I’ll be back in the future and despite me being gifted the items in this post, it is still 110% honest like all of my other reviews. 

Have you ever shopped at Norma & Dorothy? 

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