Subscription boxes, love them or hate them, there is now just about a box for everything from stationery to clothes to food and booze, you can pretty much find a box for any hobbies you may have, I mean there is your standard beauty boxes, on to boxes for self-care and even my favourite, the pasta subscription box. I recently set myself a mission of some of the best subscription boxes in the UK (and I assume most of the world) can buy. I have decided to create a series of a variety of boxes and review them for you, obviously, the content of these boxes may vary dependant on how recent the box I have is, but hopefully, you get the gist.

So what is Stickii? 
If you haven’t guessed already, Stickii is a subscription box (more like an envelope) full of stickers, a stationery addicts dream right? Under a different theme, each month, which I think is pretty cute and you can pick from three categories. I obviously went for the cute theme because who would I even be, if I didn’t? The theme of this box was milky way carnival, which is a unique and fun theme to go with and included  Each month the stickers come in a ring binder page so you can buy a ring binder and keep them all together. 

First impressions:
When I saw the stickers were in an envelope I was a little worried there wouldn’t be much inside, as for some reason I was expecting a box, but I was wrong, using an envelope saves rubbish and makes the overall price of the package cheaper and fits through my letterbox as a nice treat for when I come home from work. I pulled the stickers out of the wallet and found 5 big sheets, one of which is 3D! 2 mini sheets and a little packet of cut out stickers. As well as a few stationery items including little notes and a paper clip. So great for having a sticker filled house. I think it would be an ideal present or package to receive if you have a bullet journal. For $10 a month I can’t complain as it is jammed packed with goodies and can tell a lot of thought goes into each month. 

Stickii Club has three choices of packs each month and they will fit a theme within your chosen category. Cute, Retro and Pop are the choices of themes and I bet you can’t guess which one I went for (hint, it’s the cute one!) This concept to me is pretty cool as it means the box is a little more tailored to you as a person. You can change this up if you fancy a change or you can continue getting cute stickers forever, yes pls. I think the variety of themes means that people of any age can enjoy them. 

What did I think of my first box?
On monetary terms, I think this box is a steal for the quality and quantity of items you receive. Overall I loved the box and would order again, I mean they won me over at cat stickers! I have since found out that Stickii box does share spoilers of their boxes online, which if you wanted to know the themes of the boxes before purchasing this would be ideal. Now I am off to cover absolutely everything I own in cat stickers.  
Would you order a box from Stickii? 

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