Are thick hair probs getting you down? 

Having thick hair can be a bit of a nightmare at times, washing your hair followed by drying and even straightening can add an extra hour or two on to get ready. It also means cute hairstyles are harder to do as your hair just wants to fall down. Over the last few months with having colourful hair which is super high maintenance anyway and also a fringe my hair is a *bit* of a nightmare so, I’ve been looking into ways to make my hair more manageable and I seem to have found some great products and also a few tips and tricks I can’t wait to share with you guys.

Moroccan Oil:

Although Moroccan Oil is expensive it works, I’ve been using it for over a year now and couldn’t imagine my hair care routine without it. With that said, a tiny amount is all that is needed so even the small bottles of Moroccan Oil can last a few months, pour a 5p sized amount into your hands and rub your hands together and then pull it through the ends of your hair. Not only does it smell fantastic but it makes it easier to brush through and keeps it in a healthier condition. You can purchase the 25ml sized bottle* for £13.25 and the 100ml bottle* for £32.

Avoid Conditioner (in your bangs): 

If you have bangs like me, you’ll know they can be an absolute pain. I love having them as I think they compliment my face, however, they don’t half annoy me. I’ve found when washing my hair, not to condition my fringe as it does get greasier again quicker than anywhere else on your head. I also do mini washes on my fringe on a day I know I’m doing something if I haven’t needed to wash all of my hair. Use a tiny bit of shampoo and either lean over the sink or get in the shower, pin the rest of your hair out of the way to allow you to be able to fix your fringe. Once you’ve washed it, you can then restyle it. Or just use dry shampoo, as we all know that it is a godsend, my favourite is from Colab. 

The Wet Brush:

Brushing your hair with thick hair can be painful especially as it seems to knot all of the time. Back when I first started blogging I was sent a ‘Wet Brush’ to review and honestly it was a game changer, I still to this day use their paddle brushes. I’ve bought 2 since that first brush as they work so well and hair removal is also easy. I couldn’t imagine using another brush on my hair since The Wet Brush*.  

Hair Braiding:

Hear me out on this one, as I know plaits are usually done on young girls but they’re amazing for keeping your hair from knotting whilst you sleep as I know that’s one of the worst times for my thick hair. I always end up waking up with a lions mane, but that may say more about how I sleep. If you braid your hair when it’s damp, it will create the waves in your hair, if it’s already dry it can be easily straightened out in the morning.   











Find a great conditioner which works for you:

The conditioner works differently on everyone’s hair dependent on a variety of factors, therefore, you should try trial different brands and hair types to find your perfect one. I’ve found a few favourites in my search, including Redken Colour Extend*, L’oreal Dream Lengths and Aussie 3 minute miracle, all of which I repurchase regularly.    

I’d love to know your number one hair care tip in the comments.

*All products with (*) next to are affiliate links, this just means if you go on to purchase any of my recommendations I earn a small amount of the money* 

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