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Who is Joico?

JOICO is a leader in professional haircare, with over 50 products, there is something to suit everyone. Their tag line is one to stick in your mind, “the JOI of healthy hair!” with this in mind, I was excited to see what Joico has on offer. From coloured hair to styling products, JOICO has a product for every hair concern there is out there. I was kindly gifted their re-vamped Structure range which I can’t wait to tell you all about. As someone who is constantly changing the colour of their hair and likes to keep it in good condition, it can be a struggle to find products which won’t damage your hair further. 

 SMOOTHSHOCK Nourishing foaming oil:

In the last year, I’ve made an attempt to use less heat on my hair. I’ve gone from straightening my hair every day without fail to go weeks without doing it. I only tend to use heat in the format of my hairdryer, but even then, I only use it to get the excess water out as my hair is thick! Before I dry my hair I’ve been adding a small amount of the nourishing foaming oil and each time I’ve used it, I’ve noticed a huge difference when it comes to brushing my hair. My ends can feel quite dry from using a lot of colours, so being able to revive my hair so quickly with the foaming oil is a win—one of my favourite products from the range for sure.  


A review of a variety of JOICO products from their STRUCTURE range

GLAMTEX Backcomb effect spray:

Backcombing takes me back to being 14 years old and using a tail comb and pushing my hair up and ragging the comb up and down to give my hair volume, I cringe at the thought of it. With a lot of products claiming they can do things such as providing you volume, I am often dubious. When I used the spray on my hair, I did need to use a lot to see the effect, but I am putting this down to my thick hair. Then I asked Will if I could test this on his hair and even after a couple of sprays he ran his hands through his hair and it had a ton of volume which was next to no effort. I think he may have claimed this from me now. 

STYLEMAKER Dry [RE]shaping spray:

I have a full fringe, and anybody else who has bangs will know the pain of them flicking out, not going the way you want and for me, it’s worse as I have a cowlick in the middle of my fringe, so it never stays the way I like it. The reshaping spray is an absolute godsend for keeping my fringe in place. Using this on my fringe on the first day or two after washing it does incredible things and actually makes my fringe stay in place! It even allows my fringe to be able to be restyled too which I was impressed with, as I do usually have to wash it after it goes flicky (I am such as a restless sleeper.) If you are styling your fringe, I’d recommend curling it more when you first do it as it will last longer. 

Joico Style Spray

BEACH Texture spray:

Ever since I was allowed to choose which hairdressers I went to as a teen, I picked Toni&Guy as they were one of the only decent ones in my town. On my first trip, they sprayed some fantastic sea salt spray over it once it was done. Once I stopped going to Toni&Guy, I was never able to find anything which smelt even remotely similar or gave my hair the same ‘I woke up like this’ windswept look which made my hair feel so much better as it had more volume. Unless being actually being windswept counts? However, much to my surprise the BEACH texture spray does all that and more, the mist smells fantastic and allows me to give my curls extra volume when I do them as mine always seem to drop really quickly thick hair prerogative. 

Thickening Spray:

Sadly this isn’t a product I was able to put to the test myself as I seem to have the worlds thickest hair anyway. I did ask Will to test this for me, and after a few days of using it, he noticed his hair was sitting better at the front giving his hair that extra full feeling. 


*Thanks to JOICO for gifting me these items, my opinion is 100% honest as always. I love the range and would love to know in the comments if you’ve tried anything from JOICO before.

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