Halloween Bat-tastic Bark

It’s October, so I finally feel like it’s socially acceptable to share all of the Halloween content I’ve been working on. The best time of year for my blog as I am so into Halloween and Christmas and it gives me so much more motivation to write content. It was a tough one to start off on, as I have so many ideas I wanted to share. I decided to share with you one of my favourite Halloween creations. Bat-tastic Bark, for those of you who don’t know what bark is, it’s essentially a chocolate slab, which starts by melting down some chocolate or in my case I used Candy Melts which are from Hobbycraft.
Spooky Halloween Bark


How to make bark

The reason I use candy melts as opposed to chocolate is the colours as they’re so bright and fun. They do taste a lot sweeter than normal chocolate, so if this isn’t your thing, stick to normal chocolate. I then spread my candy melts out onto a baking tray which is covered with parchment paper, I like to use a variety of different colours to add to the effect, so I do like to put the colours on the tray in sections and then complete each section, before starting on the next. After applying the first few, I like to blend the colours together too as it looks ace.
Once the chocolate is spread out and you are happy with this, cover it in whatever takes your fancy. I purchased a variety of sprinkles, candy eyes and other edible Halloween items. You can purchase so many things to top it, my favourites place to get inspiration from is The Cake Decorating Company, you can view what they have to offer here. You have to be quick with this step though, especially with candy melts as they dry fast. I am glad that this bark looks better when it is messier as it adds more to the effect.
Let this set in the fridge, with candy, melts it only needs around 20-30 minutes to set. Once this has set, you can break this into pieces, I like to use a knife to cut it up into pieces, but you can break it apart with your hands and that is it! It’s such a simple recipe, but can be super effective and great if you’re hosting a party as there is plenty go around. I also created a variety of Halloween themed baking recipes in previous years including bark.
Bat-tastic Bark


Bat-tastic Bark








































What is your favourite Halloween treat to make?

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