Facetheory Build Your Routine Acne Prone Skin Review.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve suffered from acne badly, starting with bad acne at a young age, my dream was always to learn how to get my spots under control. I was put on the pill at a young age to help to control this, then I’ve also tried several techniques and creams, some of which are beneficial, others not so much. When I entered my 20s and left the student life behind, I moved into my own place and getting a vanity table with all of the pretty products was a must for me. 

I’ve tried many brands in the past, who claim their skincare routine can help you with your acne problems. I’ve attempted to use Murad in the past which have some fantastic products, but the cost is a little expensive for me as the full routine is over £100. I’ve also tried Clinique where I found some of their products better than others, but their pore refining solution is one of the best skincare products I’ve ever tried. But again the price was very high, so it is hard to commit to buying such experience products. However, when it comes to products which are lower in cost (not cheap, but more affordable) do you sacrifice the benefits in which expensive products bring? Keep reading to find out.  

Facetheory skincare

Who are Facetheory?

Facetheory is a newcomer in the skincare market, offering clean skincare products on an affordable budget. The company makes its products in the UK, but they ship worldwide and are big fans of all things pure and natural. Taking Botanical extracts and combining them into the skincare provides an added edge of high performance. Not only this, but Facetheory also brand themselves around the banning of single-use packaging and are continually working to reduce the amount of plastic used in their packaging. The materials on the inside of the car as also biodegradable! 

How do you build your own routine?

Once you had on over to the Facetheory website, there is a tab called build routine which includes a quiz you take and then are presented with the products which will mostly help your skin on a day to day basis. Some of the questions asked are: 

  • Age range
  • Skin type
  • Problem areas 
  • What is your opinion on scented products? 

Then with this information in a matter of moments, you will be provided with your own personalised skin routine made up of 3 products and dependent on the concerns you click will depend on the type of products you will get. For mine, I was recommended a clarifying cleanser, followed by a super gel oil-free moisturiser and finally a serum. You are also provided with a little bit of information about each product. 

My full 3 step routine cost me £40.97 which is a bargain anyway, however, if you’re looking for an even bigger deal and have Honey or Pouch installed you’re likely to find a code to bring the price down further. When I purchased mine, I found a code which gave me £15 off, taking the price down to £25, which for a full-sized skin routine, seemed pretty unreal. 

Within a few days the skincare arrived (I ordered it via standard) and I couldn’t wait to get started on trying out the products. 

Facetheory skincare

Thoughts on the routine?

The overall experience of getting the routine from start to finish was a joy, with the site quickly putting together your ideal regime, so you don’t have to do the challenging part of deciding what you need (or in my case, guessing). The fact it arrived quickly with instructions on where to start, I was off to a great start. Before reviewing these products, I decided to give them 30 days to be able to provide a genuine opinion on these. 

Clarifying Cleanser C2 

The clarifying cream cleanser is my favourite part of the routine. It is made from Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Lactic Acid, your skin is in for a real treat when you are using this cleanser. The smell of the cleanser is mandarin, which I’m not too keen on and probably will get an unscented one next time, but the cleanser feels fantastic on your skin, and a little goes a long way. I always find my skin feels lovely afterwards and really clean. The cleanser is to be used in the same way as any other, with a tiny amount massaged into the skin, then after a minute rinsing it off. With the cleanser coming in a glass jar, it’s all about those extra finishing touches to create a memorable brand. 

Supergel oil-free moisturiser 

Growing up, I was always wary of using moisturiser as I was worried that it was going to create an even oilier base. I did use moisturiser from time to time, and sometimes it did provide me with further acne. However, this is due to using a thick heavy moisturiser and probably not one which was made for your face, e.g. a pore blocker. But now, I live for a good moisturiser, and this one from facetheory doesn’t let me down. It comes out clear which I wasn’t expecting, but it glides so nicely onto your skin and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. This moisturiser is unscented, and I enjoy that more than I thought I would. 

Porebright serum 

With this serum as it says for all skin types, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be the right one for me. However, it is a nice product, and I enjoy the fact it helps to calm down the redness of my skin. Although I liked the routine, I probably would stick to my Clinique serum in future as I can see a lot more different when using that. 

Overall, I loved the personalisation aspect behind the Facetheory build routine and would try other products from their range in the future as the price is fantastic and all of their products feel high end and achieve great results. 

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