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Learning to drive with anxiety

When it comes to learning to drive with anxiety, it can be a tough and long process. But that’s ok. As someone who took 5 attempts to pass their driving test, I know how difficult it is. When it comes to anxiety and driving (for me anyway) the idea of getting behind the wheel itself is scary enough, let alone be trusted to drive a car. But like most things, it’s just something you adapt to. Inspired by a piece I was featured in for combating driving test nerves, I decided I would share my tips on learning to drive. Based on what I know now (as a driver of the roads!)

Practise as much as you can!

When it comes to driving lessons, they’re not cheap by any means. As of course, you are hiring the instructor and the use of their car. So how do you get the practice in? If you have a friend or family member who is able to take you out for some lessons in their car alongside your driving lessons it can be a great thing to take advantage of. But where do you stand when it comes to insurance?

Most learner drivers aren’t aware that you can actually get temporary insurance and don’t need to take out a full 12-month policy. Some companies offer cheap one day insurance or even insurance for up to 28 days. These options are great for borrowing a car for a day or looking at borrowing it for a few days before your test. How I wish, I’d of known about this! 

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Don’t feel bad about how long it is taking to learn

In most cases, we all learn differently. Some of us can pick up stuff instantly whereas it can take months for others. People learn in a variety of ways too, I am better at the written based side of things, whereas others may find the practical side more their cup of tea. When it came to driving with anxiety, it involved me taking a number of breaks between learning, even up to a year at one point. The idea of driving and being on the road by myself seemed so far away and overwhelming, I didn’t want to carry on.

I remember all of my friends passing straight away or within a few months and that just wasn’t me. At the time I felt really bad about it, however, now I accept the fact they didn’t have anxiety so the struggles we faced were different.

Your driving test may not be a one-time thing

I’ve previously discussed my test related woes and how I was struggling to pass my test, but it finally clicked on my last test. It doesn’t have to be a one-time thing, it may have taken me this long to pass, but that does not mean I am a bad driver. Quite the opposite, in fact, learning for so long taught me more than what I would have known on my first test. I felt so much more comfortable in that last test and didn’t let anyone know about my upcoming test. Which helped me, as previously I had told people and felt like I would be disappointing them too. I didn’t plan ahead about what people would say about me failing/passing.

Luckily for me, I was able to pass, but if you’re still trying to learn to drive, after numerous failed tests, I know how it feels. Whether you choose to keep going or give up is completely up to you. But I have faith in you.

3 thoughts on “Learning to drive with anxiety

  1. marie aygat says:

    This post was made for me! I passed my driving test like 19 years ago then I moved to London from France and I never drive again ( you don’t really need a car in London) and the past 2 months have been taking refresh lessons and yesterday was actually my last lesson and my lovely instructor told me numerous time I am doing absolutely fine and I was ready to be on my own ( i did not need to pass my test because I already have my licence) . What I am trying to say its that I suffer of anxiety and I was planning to take refresh lessons for the past 10 months but i kept thinking I was not good enough that it would take me months to learn how to drive again etc . Turned out it only took me 10 lessons in about 6 weeks and now I am ready to drive (already driving with my husband around for now until I feel the confidence to do it alone) .
    Anyway me too i failed my test (back 19 years ago) 3 times!!!! and on my fist test I crashed ( nothing serious just a crash but still ) . Anyway its nice to read a post about this subject and congratulation on passing your test!! xx

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