Disney World Florida What to Expect?

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Walking into Disney World for the first time is a surreal experience, no amount of watching videos and hearing about the experiences of others can be prepare you for that feeling of walking through the gates for the first time. The whole time you visit from start to finish is just surreal, however, if you’re only visiting for a day planning is key to making the most out of your time. When it comes to staying at the park, it’s important to figure out where to stay, how long for and where to buy Disney World tickets. So here are my tips and tricks for tackling Disney World like an expert and what to expect on your first trip to Disney World.

Don’t be afraid to dress comfortably

As weird as this sounds, you don’t know how big Disney really is until you step inside the park itself. With the addition of heat, it can be quite overwhelming. Wear your comfiest shoes as there is a ton of walking ahead. Alongside comfy shoes, but on some clothes which are weather appropriate. Overheating and uncomfortable are likely to take away from your experience.

Dress comfortably

Buy your tickets online

As a rule when buying your tickets, choose to purchase them online. I can’t stress enough how important it is to do this. Not only can you add additional cover to the tickets which includes damage and loss, but you can also get fantastic offers too. Some online tickets come with added extras of FastPass+, dining plans and more. When it comes to purchasing your tickets online, if you’re looking to visit more than one park during your stay, you can buy passes to save money. Whether you’re looking to visit Legoland or Universal you can get some great deals.

Disney World

Plan your day

When it comes to visiting Disney World, there is so much to see and do, it’s hard to know where to start. Once you’re in the park and looking at a map it can be completely overwhelming. Even more so when it’s packed. Choose which rides you want to visit and prioritize your timings around those rides. If you’re looking to go on a new ride or during school holidays, the wait even with a FastPass can be huge.

Lots of visitors of the parks tend to arrive before it’s open to get to the front of the queue when entering the park, you’re in it allows you to head straight for the line. Getting on a ride quickly, saves valuable time at the park which can be used on doing other things.

Disney World

Download the Disney World Mobile app.

Although I am yet to use the app for Disney World, I’ve heard it’s a complete game changer. Providing waiting times in real time, letting you know where to meet the characters and booking experiences. Whether you’re looking to book a meal at a restaurant, modify your booking or even order a meal ready for your arrival from your phone. Sounds like a vital part of the experience, especially when you’re looking to save time.

The final part of the app which is majorly important to your visit is the interactive GPS enabled map to find how to get from a to b without getting lost.

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