If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that last month I passed my driving test! I’ve been learning on and off since I was 18 and often it became too stressful to carry on after I failed my test due to my anxiety, however I FINALLY did it. If you want to read about my learning to drive experience I have also done a post on this. Since passing I have been looking into so many things for new drivers and finding out the best to get a car as well as ways to stay safe on the roads. So with the help of Tyre Plus, I am bringing you my top tips for new drivers and if any drivers have any tips for me, I’d appreciate them so much! 

1. Look around for insurance.
First things first are getting a car if you haven’t already as well as insurance, lots of companies run schemes to help you get your first car and insurance as a package deal, you just need a deposit for this. Although it is worth looking into this further as some end up with you just renting the car essentially and it never fully being yours. However, this is the best way to get a newer car which is probably a safer option. If you’ve already got a car it’s worth looking around for insurance, different factors can affect insurance like keeping it on the road at night, where you work etc. It’s worth looking all of these things before purchasing. Adding another named driver with experience can often help the policy.

2. Check your tyres regularly. 
It is important especially if you’re buying a used car to check the tyres are in a good condition. It’s worth getting your whole car checked over. Different weather conditions can impact your tyres too, so it’s worth checking everything is in working order Tyre Plus are able to fit new tyres for you at your home, they have an easy process online for you to follow, so even someone as clueless about cars as me has a chance. Some simple things for you to do yourself are things like, check them once a month or before long journeys, always have a spare and get them checked if something doesn’t feel right. 

3. Take an experienced driver with you. 
For the first few drives it might be worth taking someone like your parents/grandparents or a friend who has been driving for a long time who won’t distract you from driving, it is great to have support alongside you as well as someone to help out if you’re a little unsure, driving can be a stressful experience this may help relieve the stress a little.

4. Make sure your car is in good working order. 
We are all guilty of putting things off, however putting off doing any maintenance is not ok. It’s important to make sure everything works correctly and to get your MOT whenever it is due. During changes of season it is important to make sure your car is still in good working order, as changes of conditions can change how your car works.    

What tips do you have for new drivers? 

*Collaborative post

20 thoughts on “I passed my driving test! + tips for new drivers!

  1. Kara Guppy says:

    Congratulations on your pass. My teen has just turned 17 and has started his lessons, fingers crossed he will pass quickly so I don't have to play Mums Taxi anymore 😉

  2. Rhian Westbury says:

    Well done on passing, sometimes you need to take time out and come back to it when you're feeling more ready. My biggest tip would be look into the insurance of a car before you buy it otherwise you might get a nasty surprise x

  3. Laura Hartley says:

    I passed a year ago but still haven't got insurance because it's too expensive! I'll definitely be bringing someone with me the first few times I go out though!

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