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I am a huge fan of Candles, and I love to spend hours upon hours browsing my local candle shop and Homesense too, but a lot of the candles seem to smell the same. Autumn means a huge amount of cinnamon everywhere and lots of spiced pumpkin collections, and despite wanting to fall in love with those types of scents I just don’t find them appealing. No matter how many times I try. Yankee Candle is always one of those brands I find myself going back to, I often purchase the melts or the votive candles as they can be a little on the pricier side when you start getting the large candles. 

However, Yankee Candle always has the best Halloween range and I have recently been gifted an adorable set I which I knew you fellow candle lovers would want to find out about. So, the set has two votive candles within in the scents witches brew and forbidden apple. As well as an adorable Pumpkin Holder, which is great for the smaller candles as it keeps the wax contained and looks great as decoration too. If you fancy winning your own set, Wow Free Stuff is hosting a giveaway where you can be in with a chance of winning 1 of 10 of the gift sets!  Both scents are available to buy full-sized within the realms of the web, you can find them currently over on Groupon and the Yankee Candle site too. The candles themselves are limited edition so it can be hard to locate these after the Halloween season. 

So what are my thoughts on the actual scents of the candles, I hear you ask?

Forbidden Apple Candle Yankee Candle
























Forbidden Apple:
Forbidden apple sets the tone with an amazing bright green candle, the scent of granny smith apples instantly hits you, followed by the smell of all things autumn, it has quite a fresh scent in my opinion, Halloween is all about the candy apples, and this brings me right back to enjoying one as a child, but it has a twist on the scent of apple for sure. I am constantly buying wax melts that smell like apple as they are just a fun and recognisable scent. Plus you can’t really go wrong with apple, can you? I am 110% going to buy the medium jar of this candle as I need more than just the votive in my life, ngl. 

Witches Brew:
For the life of me, I do not know how to describe this scent. I feel like it is the kind of scent that can hide out in the back, without being too much in your face. You know when something reminds you of a certain thing, this candle reminds me being next to a bonfire in a park when I was younger, stood in the wet soil with the crisp leaves around me. The smell is lush and reminds me of happy times. 

I am now off to treat myself to a stash of the Yankee Candle Forbidden Apple candles!

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