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Last week marked the 6th Birthday of my blog, which I am pretty chuffed with as it’s probably the longest time I’ve kept up with anything in my life. It doesn’t seem 12 months since I wrote the blog post about Dungarees & Donuts 5th Birthday and here we are again. For those of you who have joined me along my journey, I am beyond grateful for your support and honestly, I am still in shock that so many people read my blog on a regular basis. My blog has not only given me countless opportunities to work with brands that I adore but in my 6th year of blogging, it also helped me to work for myself.

I’ve since created a whole business under the name of Link Donuts. Of course, I stuck to the theme of Donuts. For a living I now work for myself copywriting and a variety of different social media work on behalf of my clients. The fact that a blog that I started back in college as a place to review Baby Lips from Maybelline and my favourite films, it’s grown in ways I could never imagine.     

So what have I achieved in the last 12 months of blogging?

Dungarees and Donuts turns 6

I found my brand

After years of trying to work out who Dungarees & Donuts really is in terms of niche, I decided it doesn’t really have a strict niche and I’m ok with that. To me, my blog is a place where I write content which I enjoy writing and hope you guys enjoy reading. I tend to bracket my blog under lifestyle, as it covers everything. However, I know my blog also fits under so many other categories, so giving it a set niche, doesn’t make sense for me. The more I am authentic to my own brand and create content which is more me, the more views I receive.

Worked with some of my favourite brands

This year has given me the opportunity to work with some of my favourite brands and also find out about lots of new brands too. I started my ‘introduction series’ as it allows me to write about new brands and small companies that others may not have heard of. Working with some awesome brands has enabled me to create some of my favourite content. In the last 12 months, I’ve been able to work with Big Potato GamesCard FactoryWalkersHaribo and many more. Most recently Hobbycraft, who then shared my post on social media too, which I was ecstatic about.    

Grown my confidence

By working on some seriously cool projects it’s grown my confidence in myself, I feel more worthy of what I’m achieving and I have finally started to believe I can achieve whatever I set my mind to. I am hopeful that this will continue to grow over the next 12 months. 

What’s in the future for Dungarees & Donuts? 

Over the next few weeks, I will be moving from Blogger on to WordPress, this excites me as I know the customisation options on WordPress are a lot better than those offered on Blogger. So expect changes over the next few weeks to the site layout, I’m excited to unveil my new blog to you all. Alongside this, I hope to keep growing and creating more content for you guys to enjoy. 

Thanks for an amazing 6 years and 7 years here I come. 

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