Being born in the middle of 90s allowed me as a child to enjoy a small part of the 90s before hitting the 2000s, although I don’t really remember many of my own experiences in the 90s, a lot of the shows, toys and lack of the internet were still a huge part of my childhood. Which including me going to the shop after school with my mum twice a week and picking up a pack of pokemon cards and then going off to trade them with my friends in the months to follow. I had a ridiculous amount of Beanie Babies, loved Steps and The Spice Girls. I owned a dance mat and not what the song ‘The Bad Touch’ was about, but sang it whilst playing on the dance mat for hours. Was anybody else terrible on the dance mat?  

Everything Was Different Back In The 90s

I had a baby born, spent hours watching the Disney Channel (more specifically Lizzie McGuire), I needed to get the Pepsi Chart CD when it came out, Mary-Kate & Ashley films along with anything that stared Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan in were my jam. Getting a braid put in my hair on holiday and having to get it cut out before school started, forever changing the outfits of my betty spaghetty and when a Freddo didn’t cost a million quid. Bratz were my fashion idols and I was heartbroken when Zoey 101 got cancelled, I had every issue of the Pop Idol Magazine and I lived through it all and so much more. A few days ago, I posted on Instagram some Nostalgic pictures and so many of you enjoyed them, so it makes me happy to remember the 90s/early 2000s with some of you.   



The Nineties Comeback?

Recently I noticed a variety of my childhood favourites making a comeback (some with more success than others), with everything from a new Furby, bringing back the Tamagotchi, butterfly hair clips and most recently The Spice Girls have reunited. They are currently on tour (minus Posh Spice, boo) and thanks to Walkers as a celebration of it being 22 years since they last worked together with the girls (they had their faces on a Walkers crisp packet!) One lucky superfan will win the prize of a lifetime which includes 4 VIP Tickets to The Spice Girls concert on the 15th of June, where they’ll get an exclusive meet and greet with the girls(!) As well as 5* accommodation and travel. All you need to do is prove you are the #bestfanever. Find out what happened when one “superfan” messed up their chance in this hilarious AD made by Walkers, trust me, you don’t want to miss this. 

*This competition is now closed*  
I’d love to know if any of you have any of your toys from growing up still? I know Will has a ton of pokemon cards which I always think is cool. I wish I’d kept more of my stuff from growing up for sure. Maybe my mum still has some of it, there’s only one way to find out. 

Better get up in the loft… 
*This post was in collaboration with Walkers, however, all thoughts were my own and this AD is super funny! 

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