Introducing Big Potato Games: 

Around Christmas time, Big Potato Games gifted me some of their games which make awesome presents by the way. With some new games in tow, including this awesome Blockbuster Game, Big Potato Games provided me with some of their games to host a games night, which I was more than happy to do as my friends and I often play games. We’ve now played these games and it’s time for the verdict, keep reading to find out more about Blockbuster, Weird Things Which Humans Search For and Bucket of Doom.
Blockbuster Game from Big Potato Games


Yes, that’s right, Big Potato Games bought the licensing to Blockbuster in order to make this super fun party game which by the way, comes in an old VHS box-esq packaging. First things first round-up three or more friends, split into teams and the game can commence. There are two sets of cards, the majority have movies on them and the rest are question cards. As well as question cards there is a cute Blockbuster sign that looks like original to put in the middle of the game. The first round is head to head, where each person needs to think of a film based on what is shown on the question cards. Sounds easy enough right? However, once you’re under pressure of the time, it becomes surprisingly difficult every time you answer you hit the buzzer and the time refreshes. A lot of sequels happened in this round, from all of the Saw films to a variety of Harry Potter. 
The second round involves setting up the board which looks like a video, which by the way is super cool. Whoever was the last to run out of time on the first round takes control of the second round. The person who played the head to head and came first picks up 6 cards, chooses 3 for their team and the other team get the other 3, which can ultimately make it harder. Then the player from the head to head has to get their team player to guess each film based on three categories on the board. So one of the cards needs to be summed up in one word, next needs a quote to be given and finally acting. You have one minute to try to do all of these things, which isn’t easy especially when the person you are with, doesn’t know much about films. As much as I like some films, quotes I am not good at so trying to think of ANY quote from a film is hard. I got as good as “it’s a good day to die hard”, however, you can’t say the film name in the quote it was, “it’s a good day to blank blank” you win by collecting one of all 8 categories.
Big Potato Games Weird Things Humans Search For
Big Potato Games Weird Things Humans Search For

Weird Things Humans Search For:

This game is one I’ve wanted for ages and trust me, it’s better than I expected. Think Family Fortune meets the last few years of Google and that sums up this game. A question master reads out 5 cards based top answers that are on Google. The other players need to write down their answers which they think people will search with regards to that question. So if the question is “Is my partner…” you then present two answers you think it may be, which can be anything. One is your main answer and the other is the bonus answer.
Dependent on where on the list it ranks if at all will determine what points you get. At the end of the round, the question master adds up all of the scores and a winner is determined. To win this game you need to think weird, as people are weird. One of the questions involves the Titanic and one of the most searched for answers did “carry mayonnaise” so that’s questionable.    

The Bucket of Doom:

Think you can create the best escape plan? What about with pointless objects, and we mean pointless. You have eight cards with different pointless objects on and in the middle there are a pile yellow scenario cards. Go around in a circle taking it in turns to read a card out, whilst the other players pick their best pointless object and create a story around it.

The story can be anything as long as you’re away from the situation. Then the group votes for the best escape plan. The scenarios are completely random and make a great game as you can play it as many times as you want and the game will still be fun with so many possible options.   

Big Potato Games Big Bucket of Doom

Looking for some new party games to play? I’d recommend any of the games on Big Potato as there is so much choice and all of their games are fun and original. 



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