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Welcome back to my weird and wonderful gift guide, on to part two with an (unintentional) theme of animals running through this post. With Sonic and other animals ready to be purchased just in time for Christmas. If you’ve missed part one, you can view this here. Keep reading to find out what weird and truly wonderful gifts have made it into the guide.

Card games weird and wonderful gifts
Card games weird and wonderful gifts

Canine Chaos

Know a dog lover? You need to get them canine chaos, or cat chaos if they’re a cat lover. Another awesome game from Ginger Fox. With dogs turned celebrity, featuring some woof-ful favourites. Including Collie Parton, Snoop Dog(g), Sarah Jessica Barker and tons more. Play the game by swapping and grabbing cards from the middle until you complete a full set. The first one to turn all of their cards into a set wins!

Weird and wonderful gift guide

PyroPet Candle

Introducing the ‘adorable’ cat candle, with a difference. This cat candle burns and leaves behind a skeleton. The process of watching the candle burn is not only fascinating but the skeleton underneath is also super cool to look at. The cute cat reveals a wild beast, who is anything but cute! The PyroPet candles were created by 54° Celsius based on a super cool story, which you can read here. The candles cost £25 and come in a variety of colours and animals.

Sonic weird and wonderful gift guide

Sonic The Hedgehog Device Holder

With the release of Sonic in 2020 and the latest Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games recently out. There’s no better time to show off your love for Sonic. This awesome device holder is perfect for holding your devices, from your phone to your controller, he’s ready to hold it. This is a useful feature for when it comes to charging your phone. The awesome gift was created by the Cable Guys and can be purchased on Amazon for £38.99.

Ecosphere weird and wonderful gifts


Possibly the weirdest but also a coolest gift in my gift guide is the Ecosphere which was pioneered by NASA. Each Ecosphere is a self-contained ecosystem within the handblown glass and are super unique. With each Ecosphere offering small marine shrimps, filtered seawater and Algae, alongside micro-organisms.

The glass Ecospheres come in two different shapes and two sizes. With mine being the small egg-shaped pod. The average lifespan for a Sphere is 2-3 years, however, they can last up to 10 years.

With each of the small Ecospheres containing 2-4 shrimps. They are truly fascinating to watch and all they need to survive is light and the right environment. To find out further what is an Ecosphere, check out for more information.

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