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Last Christmas

I created a weird and wonderful gift guide for students and I knew I had to put together another “out of the box guide” after creating my beauty and food gift guides. This guide is perfect for those who love something a bit different, those people who have everything or even as a treat to yourself once all of the Christmas shopping is complete.

This guide includes games, merch and more, so if you’re still interested in finding the ultimate gift with a twist, check out this guide and then get presents ordered! Ready, set, GO.

Dough Nab

This awesome party game invented by Ginger Fox is the perfect gift for anyone aged 8+ and makes a whole lot of fun. With Doughnuts (and puns) being the theme of the game, of course, I’d love it. The game rules are simple, it’s the first to get 3 matching cards and snatch that doughnut (sadly the doughnuts aren’t real.) there a few twists and turns but the one who gets rid of all of their cards first wins. This is a fantastic gift idea for a stocking filler or a family member who loves to play games. You can buy this gift which is likely to score a hole in one for £14.99 from Amazon.

Weird and wonderful Christmas gift guide

Personalised Nutella

Who doesn’t love Nutella? With around 50 hazelnuts in each jar, this gift is likely to bring delight. To grab a personalised jar of Nutella, Debenhams and Selfridges have you covered. Head over to their stores to grab one and get a name printed for the jar pretty much instantly. It’s almost too cute to eat!

Which one?

A quiz game, based on risk designed by Ginger Fox. Discover whether you’re brave enough to risk 5 points for one wrong answer. There are 5 questions and 5 answers, all 5 correct is 5 points, any incorrect is 0. If you only feel confident answering 2, this could still allow you to get 2 points. With over 300 questions and as many players as you want, this game really gets your brain thinking.  You can grab a copy of the game for £13.99 from Amazon.

Alien Keyring & Pin

Know a fan of Alien? They’re going to love these goodies from Fanattik, the company who are crazy about collectables. With plenty of official movie and gaming merch in limited numbers. To celebrate 40 years of Alien, Fanattik has released a number of limited edition items. Including a keyring, playing cards (featured below) and a pin.

With only 9,995 of each item made worldwide, it’s a true limited edition gift. With the keyring and pin badge costing £9.99.

Burrito Blanket

So, you’re probably wondering what the strange-looking thing in the corner of the picture is right? Well I can tell you, it’s a Burrito Blanket, from Wish for £6. Not only is it designed for days when you want to turn yourself into a burrito and not move from the bed, but it’s also great for those cold nights. Grab yours from Wish or similar blankets from Amazon or eBay.

Keep tuned for part 2 of my weird and wonderful gift guide!

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