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Valentine’s Day is almost here and for those who are still looking for a gift to buy their significant other, I’ve got you covered. As usual of course, I’ll be covering the gifts you wouldn’t have even thought of because it’s cool to be different! Although, a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates won’t ever go a miss with me. If you’re looking for a present for your best friend or your Galentine this year, I’ve also got some gift inspiration for this too.

So what are these gifts I speak of? Keep reading to find out…

Love Birds Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day gifts


Until recently I’ve never really used a Popsocket, but since having one they’ve given me seriously strong grip when looking at my phone in the night, so I no longer end up dropping it on my face… alongside this they look cool, can be attached to things such as a car mount and work well as a stand too. Popsockets offer a personalised option too, which allows you to go that extra mile with your gift, you can add pictures and text on your Popsockets. If personalised isn’t your thing, why not check out their huge online collection?

Valentines Day gift guide

Mystery box

Good old Firebox has done what they do best, saving the day with their weird and wonderful gifts. On their site, you can find a number of mystery boxes with different themes, featuring everything from food to his and hers boxes. For Valentine’s Day, you can purchase a mystery box to show someone how much they mean to you! The best part about it is it comes with none of the guilt. Meaning, if they don’t like it, you didn’t pick it, plus the element of mystery is surely romantic?

The boxes come in at £34.99, will you be willing to take the risk this Valentine’s Day?  P.s. you can totally buy one for yourself and it’s a complete surprise even to you.

Gift Guide Firebox

Cute bags

In my opinion, you can never have too many bags, unless maybe you’re Jeffree Star with his vault, then you might have too many bags. I absolutely love what Skinnydip has to offer from tote bags to the cutest purses, they’ve got you covered. With plenty of choices on-site and next day delivery, they’re a firm favourite of mine when it comes to picking up something cute. Whether you’re buying for a pal or a lover, you’re going to find the perfect gift, I am sure.

An overnight getaway with Buyagift

Recently I visited the lovely Pullman Hotel in Liverpool and it was one of the best stays I’ve ever had in my life, with comfy pillows on a big bed, a bathroom which included a shower and a bath alongside a mini-fridge full of goodies what’s not to love, especially as it was right on the docks. The package is put together by gift experts Buyagift, where you can buy a number of cool and unique experiences. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway there is plenty of choice up and down the country. I’d recommend checking out one of their smartboxes so you can pick the perfect experience together or if you’re looking at planning a surprise romantic break, check out the Pullman in Liverpool and be prepared to be wowed.

Galentines day

Valentines Day gift guide

Make it dirty

Make it Dirty is a movie game which isn’t trivia-based! As weird as it sounds from the name it is actually one of the funniest games I’ve played in a while. With a game that encourages you to create rude film titles out of those ones which are perfectly innocent is always going to be funny. It reminds me of those trending tweets where it says to ruin a film, this game has done that on a whole new level. You can currently buy this game from Firebox for £19.99.

How to be successful without hurting men’s feelings

This book is the ultimate go-to guide for surviving as a woman in the workplace. It often turns out that men don’t want to be led by a woman and they often think they know best. So join Sarah Cooper in this magical book called how to be successful without hurting men’s feelings. The book which contains pages on how to have a breakthrough and make your way up the career ladder without shattering the ego of a male colleague. Why choose between being likeable or successful when you can do both? The perfect Galentines day gift for £9.99 from Firebox.

Rude puzzles

Think your typical puzzle book featuring crosswords, word searches, riddles and dot to dot and make them rude. Like really rude. This puzzle book isn’t for the faint-hearted, however, is a great laugh for someone who loves puzzles. With raunchy riddles to be solved and a crossword, even I may actually be able to answer it’s a good laugh and only costs £7.99. It is advised not to take this one out in public, especially when there might be kids around.


An ideal gift for a girl pal is some gorgeous makeup, the lovely Gemma at Makeup Muddle talks about a number of amazing products which are worth checking out for inspiration when looking for a Galentines or even a Valentine’s Day gift.


Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed my Valentine’s Day gift guide and if you’re looking for any other ideas, head on over to any of the sites mentioned for some ultimate gift inspo!

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