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*This post featured gifted items

Bras are a funny thing to get right, aren’t they? With sizing varying in pretty much every shop you go to, it can be possible to find your perfect sized bra, that looks good, feels comfortable and makes you happy. For me, no matter how many different sizes of bra I try on and get fitted for, I always end up resenting the underwire because although it gives me lift, it is also restrictive. Shopping on the high street can be near impossible when you have a large chest, with some shops such as Victoria’s Secret and Boux Avenue stopping at DD! I’ve always wanted a bralet as they look so dainty and comfortable, so when Tutti Rouge gifted me some of their bralettes, I was overjoyed! it’s amazing that they’ve made a variety of bralets for a bigger sized bust.

Tutti Rouge Bralette

Who are Tutti Rouge?

The company started out as a swimwear company in 2012 for those with a bigger bust and as the owners of the company already produced underwear for a number of well known brands, they decided to give it a go themselves and specifically aim it at women with bigger busts. Which I am living for, as I do not want another skin coloured wire bra for as long as I live. Tutti Rouge starts from DD upwards and aims to create comfortable, yet fashionable pieces for those who wear them. Plus they’re made right here in the UK!
Tutti Rouge Bralette

How much do they cost?

The majority of the bralettes from Tutti Rouge come in at £15, which I think for the quality, variety of styles and longevity of them, they’re worth every penny.

What is the sizing like?

With them being bralettes the sizing is much more flexible than your standard bra so it makes it easier when ordering them online.  Each of the bralettes come in sizes with the strap size to pick from, then the bralettes based on that size have, for example, 44 FF/G or 46 DD/E/F, by having the sizing in this way, as long as you know your back size, you’ll be fine when it comes to the cup as they’re like to fit anyone within that size.

The bralettes came in a lovely bag and felt super high end, just what you’d expect if you were to visit a store on the high street.

I have a number of bralettes from Tutti Rouge and they’re all fantastic. As they’re different lengths and styles, the sizing can vary from time to time. However, my favourites two from their site currently are the Francine Bralette in Lavander and the GiGi Bralette in Scarlet. With the GiGi bralette, it offers a double strap, which not only feels super supportive but also looks great. This bralette has ultimate levels of support but also is mega comfortable and I could wear it pretty much all day and not feel any discomfort.

Tutti Rouge Bralette

Would I purchase from them?

110% I would purchase from them, as these items were gifted I am unable to say that I’ve purchased these as of yet, however, as soon as a new collection or items come out I’ll be straight on ordering that. I also am tempted to purchase another GiGi bralette, a girl can never have too many comfy bras.

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    I adore this brand, they have some awesome bras! I’m sending you so much love. 💜

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