Despite blogging for over 6 years, I still have those pinch-me moments. When Buyagift got in touch recently and offered me one of their experiences to review, I couldn’t quite believe it. When scrolling through their site I was greeted with plenty of choices, including driving, spas, helicopter rides, mini-breaks and more! With experiences across the country, they have an experience for pretty much anyone.

After searching the site for a while, I came across a one night stay in a Deluxe Suite on the Liverpool Docks in the Pullman Hotel. Last year Will & I visited Liverpool and can say it was one of the best places I’ve visited, with kind people surrounding the city, plenty of things to do, eat and enjoy it was only a matter of time before we went back. With the best price guaranteed from Buyagift, I knew we were on to a winner with the suite.

To book the stay from Buyagift I had to contact the hotel directly, which turned out to be a little bit of an ordeal with me being sent through to the wrong person a few times, however, I was finally put through to a super helpful lady named Sarah, who arranged the booking and was really helpful with dates. Despite this being Monday, they had availability throughout the week, we went for Thursday. Later in the week, we hopped on a train and we were in Liverpool within an hour (perks of living in the Midlands), with that we headed to the hotel. We were greeted with a huge building and a doorman!

Standing in the lobby it felt surreal and like a real treat, once we had checked in we headed up to our room which was on the second floor. When we exited out of the lift, we were greeted with a grand corridor filled with glorious artwork. Once we reached the room, I was shocked when we opened the door.

The Pullman Hotel Suite

The room itself was massive like I couldn’t believe how big it was, compared to some of the hotels I’ve stayed in where there is hardly room to put your bag in! The Pullman suite had a queen-sized bed, a sofa, a huge TV, a toilet separate to the bathroom, which had a wet room with a shower, a light-up mirror and a huge bath. It was like every corner you turned in the room there was something even bigger and better.

Around the corner appeared a worktop with a Nespresso coffee machine, popcorn, an assortment of hot drinks and a minibar. With the experience, it includes the minibar which was filled to the brim with beer, wine, orange juice, bottled water and even some Mars bars.

Whilst we took in all of the amazing offerings of the room at the Pullman including the TV which could be activated via an iPad, we couldn’t wait to visit Liverpool. After a coffee, we went out into the city, the hotel is situated right next to the beach which if it wasn’t raining it would have been amazing, however, the view was still to be admired and the rain didn’t stop me taking pictures of what lay ahead. If you’re interested in finding out more about what we got up to whilst in Liverpool, you can check out my post on this here.

When we arrived back to the room after our day out, we were knackered, but of course, I had to try out the bath first! Wishing I’d been to Lush first to get a bath bomb, I enjoyed a long soak in the bath, I planned on getting in the shower after for washing my hair, but then realised the bath had a shower right next to it, which I was impressed with as it allowed you to wash your hair with sat in the tub.

Following this, I was on a mission to find a hairdryer as I always forget to bring mine and found some amazing robes and slippers in the wardrobe to wear, which were like big towels. I popped on the slippers and went to dry my hair. Next, we got into the bed, which was possibly the comfiest thing I have ever slept on with pillows galore (I hate hotels that only give you one pillow) and switched on Love Island (the important things of course) and once it had finished, I went to sleep.


In the morning I was excited to find out what breakfast offerings they had as it was part of the package and of course, I pretty much ate everything they had to offer (slight overreaction… maybe) but they had a huge buffet of hot and cold goodies. Once we were seated, we were asked if we would like any hot drinks, we both said yes to coffee and were brought out our own little pots of coffee. I first went to the hot food and got myself hashbrowns, beans, toast and scrambled eggs. The eggs were the best ones I’ve ever had in my life kudos to the chef! After this, I had a croissant, some cheese and a glass of orange juice.

As we still wanted to enjoy what Liverpool had to offer we ended up checking out shortly after (fully gutted as I didn’t want to leave the swish hotel) but check out was easy and as the stay was complimentary as I had my voucher, it was off to the Museum of Liverpool.

Overall, I had one of the best nights sleep of my life and a fantastic time living it up in luxury. If you’re looking to explore Liverpool or for a break away I’d recommend purchasing this package from Buyagift it is well worth every penny to stay in such a luxurious suite at the Pullman Liverpool.

*This stay was gifted by Buyagift in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts on my visit were my own.

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