Skinnydip London is a brand I’ve been fond of for a number of years now, they caught my eye when I saw their amazing phone cases. I’ve always been one for breaking the rules of fashion and in my opinion the more colour and sparkle the better.  Skinnydip constantly releases new goodies on the site and they’re always as cool and creative as the last lot. Recently they’ve partnered with Disney, Tangle Teezer and Starbucks to create the coolest accessories around. The brand is always extending their product ranges and keeping up with the trends and today I am super lucky to be reviewing some of their products for you. This is in collaboration with the brand, however, I have been a long time fan of the brand always promote them to my friends and family. 
Skinnydip London Haul
Skinnydip London Haul
Lobster Purse
I’ve been looking for a new purse for the longest time since my trusty Barbie purse gave up on me, sad times. I’ve been using an old one until I found ‘the one’ and I finally found it on Skinnydip. The purse is pink with lobsters sewn on it and in the inside it has lots of pockets for cards and a fairly large compartment to store coins. I love this purse as it is ideal for all of my things, although it might be too big for some who carry a smaller bag. But I love a big purse as I have so many loyalty cards, although it seems like the cards are now moving online more which is a great thing for using less plastic and for my purse too. This purse is currently on their site for £16. 
Gingham Cross Body Bag
When purchasing this bag online I couldn’t decide whether it was going to have enough space in for my stuff but decided to take a gamble as I loved the style of the bag as it reminds me of an old school lunch box, the bag inside is absolutely massive. I honestly couldn’t believe how it could hold so much. The bag does come apart at the sides, however, you don’t really need to undo it as the part at the top is big enough to put items in and out with ease. The bag is easier to put across you which is ideal for the festival season, the bag itself is lightweight and looks great. Although I picked this in gingham they do have an adorable yellow one with purple flowers on which I also need in my life as it’s amazing.
Skinnydip London Haul
Daisy Glitter Case
Phone cases are my weakness, I kid you not I must have 20 for my current phone and a variety of others floating around for my last two phones. The reason this Daisy case stood out to me is I saw their Pink Daisy Phone Grip and wanted to get a case which would compliment it. This case is amazing as it has glitter within the case and I love to play with it (like the child I am) plus it is clear so it shows off the gold colour underneath. This year is the first year I’ve ventured away from the extra-large silicone phone cases partly because nobody sells them for an 8 plus, but also so I can a phone grip as I’ve dropped my phone on my face far too many times. 
Last but not least my favourite thing from the haul is the hungover crossbody bag, it’s such a statement piece and I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it. The bag has a clasp closing which I love and think it adds more of a statement to the bag. The strap on this bag is also detachable which allows it to be a clutch bag for those nights out. The bag inside is relatively small but still looks amazing. You can get your own for £24 from Skinnydip now.   
Skinnydip London Haul


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