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Who are Sass & Belle? 

Sass & Belle are a company I’ve been fond of since I stumbled across their Brighton store on one summers day, 4 years ago. When I pondered into their shop I was greeted with a variety of fun and colourful homewares. I knew straight away that needed to purchase some of their goodies for my own home. After all, I had just recently moved out, so that’s what I did. Throughout the last few years, I’ve always visited their site when in need of presents. Also if I need some cute decor as they have such a huge selection. I love to have a variety of their mugs in my kitchen as they’re always so colourful and fun. For those of you who are looking for gifts or fancy treating yourself this post is for you!

So what’s new at Sass & Belle?

Cutie Cat Cases:

Sass & Belle have always sold these adorable cases which can be used to store items in and they also look adorable as decorative items, I’ve filled mine with stickers and phone cases and have them stacked up on my shelf. I’ve had a set of these cases in the past and still love those ones and use them for storing craft items in, they handy for carrying things around in too, like make-up. The cases are currently £23 on the site and you can also get geometric and vintage ones. You can view all of their suitcases here
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Unicorn Pillow:

Decorative pillows are something I seem to be buying a lot of recently, alongside this unicorn pillow, I recently bought an ‘antisocial’ pillow from New Look which can be found on my Instagram. The unicorn pillow is adorable and is like a plushie so it’s great to lay on. It looks adorable on my bed too. For £18 you can be the owner of a unicorn cushion.  

Always Be Awesome Mug:

The Sass & Belle mugs are some of my favourites, they always have a great range of styles, colours and sizes. Being one of those people who love decorative mugs, but are also looking for one big enough, but can never find one big enough for the things I want to drink. I mean who doesn’t wake up wanting a bowl full of coffee, especially on a Monday morning. When it came to deciding which mug I was torn between a ‘Be Awesome’ mug and one with an O on. I decided to go for the ‘Be Awesome mug’ as not only will it look amazing in photos (Instagrammer for life) but it also has a lovely quote on it to boost your happiness when you look at it. Check out their mug section for sloth and rainbow mugs alongside some adorable teapots.  
Sass & Belle Summer Haul 2019
















Feline Pawsome:

There are only a few things I want to say about this bag. The first being it’s the cutest tote bag in existence and the other is it is a great size for carrying your shopping in. Plus who doesn’t love puns? If you’re looking for a reusable bag to pop in your bag for when you need it or just to use as an everyday bag Sass & Belle have you covered.  

Write Your Own Story Pencils: 

The final item in my haul is some inspirational pencils, perfect for that confidence boost every time you use them. The colours of the pencils are lush and all have a cute quote on them. I’ve been using these for drawing with and they’re super comfortable to hold. 
Have you ever shopped at Sass & Belle? 
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