Becoming a freelancer

In March of this year, I walked down the stairs at my workplace for the final time, I handed back my keycard and I was done. For two years, this place had been where I spent most of my waking hours, I made friends, I had highs and lows, but it was time for me to leave. It was time for me to start working for myself. The reasons in which I left were due to struggling to keep my absence at bay with a series of bad mental health episodes and the constant struggle of migraines. It was too much, for the employer and myself. As much as I miss some of the people I work with, I don’t miss much more than that. For years, I’ve wanted to do what I love best, something I am really passionate about, which is writing. 


After 6 years of blogging, building up skills and contacts, I decided to go for it. Although I wish I had some savings behind me, I’ve surprised myself with how long I’ve been able to keep this going and also how it’s still growing. If you’re considering working for yourself and have the skill set to do so, I say go for it. You never know until you try and you can always wonder what if, but you’ll only know once you’ve taken that leap. So why do I love working for myself so much? Here are just a few reasons why.

I set my own hours

As someone who works better later in the day and also sometimes at night, being able to work when I feel most creative gives the ultimate boost when it comes to concentration. Whether I want to work 2 hours on one day and 10 the next, I am able to do so as long as my work gets done. I have a planner with all of my work which needs completing that week and delegate work to each day. If you’re concerned about your timekeeping whilst working for yourself, Link Donuts has a great article on improving your time management as a freelancer. Although remember not to work yourself too hard, you deserve breaks too.   

It has expanded my skillset

When you’re a freelancer, dependant on the industry which you are in, it often involves a lot of people skills. This applies when it comes to meetings, speaking to clients via email and also on the phone. Doing these tasks for myself has given me a massive confidence boost, especially when I hear myself explain my ideas, I feel confident in what I’m saying. Those areas which I wasn’t so sure about before, working for myself has given me the time to research topics in more detail, do online courses and even speak to people within a variety of industries who share their knowledge with me. Every day I am taking in more information and learning more.   

I work better alone

Although working in a busy office can sometimes be amazing, with somebody to speak to from day to day, I really don’t mind working alone. If I’m having a really focussed day, it really helps to sit in silence. For the days when I’m feeling more upbeat, I have so many Spotify playlists to help me through.   

It allows me to be more creative

Being able to decide the approach I want to take for a piece of work is refreshing as it means I can create it to a high standard by doing it my way. When you’re being told what to do each day, it can be draining as you feel like you lose that creative control. Therefore when I plan my own work and know what works well for the client I can get on with making it awesome.
A few other reasons I LOVE working from home include working in my PJs (because who doesn’t love that?!) less pressure to look good, which means wearing less makeup which has helped with my acne on a huge scale! Last but not least, I don’t miss parcels anymore, so no more red cards of doom (Bloggers you know what I’m saying?). 

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