The best of Big Potato Games

Big Potato Games Blockbuster

Introducing Big Potato Games:  Around Christmas time, Big Potato Games gifted me some of their games which make awesome presents by the way. With some new games in tow, including this awesome Blockbuster Game, Big Potato Games provided me with some of their games to host a games night, which I was more than happy […]

What has blogging taught me?

  Back in 2013 when I started blogging it was never about the money, it was about the friends, the content, the community and most importantly our passions for writing. When I wrote my first blog post about Barbie cupcakes (soz, this has long been deleted), I remember feeling cool, like I had my own […]

Tips For Living In A Shared House

Tips for living in a shared house

  As a student, you’ll probably spend your first year in university halls. After this, you’ll most likely be heading into a student house, which will usually see you sharing with a number of people. These may be your friends, or they could be complete strangers. Moving in with your friends can often be as […]

Tips for finding decent student housing

Good student accommodation

As it’s getting closer to the point of the start of a new university year, I thought it would be awesome to share some tips on looking for your perfect student property, as some of you who have been previous university students may know, sometimes finding a property which is actually okay to live in […]