Being a student is one of the best times of your life, especially at Uni. With discount galore, plenty of partying to be done and of course, student finance in your hands. When at Uni, you’re in for a real treat.  If you’re unsure of what apps to get when you become a student, here are some great picks for apps every uni student needs in their life.

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Otherwise known as discount galore, this is one of my favourite perks of being a university student is getting up to 20% discount on many stores online and in the shop, including Apple, New Look and Schuh! The app gives you a unique code that you enter at the end of your shop and gives you a discount! You can also use this app in stores, so be sure to download it as it truly is one of the apps every uni student needs.

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Course Notes:

I adore this app, and it’s impressive for being in lectures and being able to grab soundbites of a lecture to go back to at a later date. The Course Notes app itself records the audio, and if you have a MAC, you can transfer the sounds between your iPhone and your Mac.

The idea behind Course Notes is to put an end to messy notes (we’ve all been there) and make it so you can easily listen/read your notes back at a later date. Plus, Course Notes can track your assignments, so you never miss a deadline again.

Side note: Course Notes is only available on iOS. 




Airtime Rewards:

An app that every student needs in their life is Airtime Rewards. The app gives you cashback on your everyday spends to take straight off your phone bill. Once you’ve earned £10, you can then redeem this off your bill. With so many well-known retailers on Airtime Rewards, you’ll be able to hit the threshold quickly. Plus, they offer an exciting referral programme which earns you £1.50, 50p for you when your friend signs up, and if they spend with a retailer on their site within 7 days, you both get £1 on your account.

They also offer up to £3 per referral during promotional times. If you’re looking to get started on Airtime Rewards, my referral code is U3Q3EGTU

Apps Every Uni Student Needs
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Uber Eats:

Most towns/cities now have Uber Eats. The app you can order takeaway and food from your local Supermarket will be at your door in under an hour. So no more having to brave the shops with a hangover. It’s all about ease now. Uber often have discount codes, especially for supermarkets, with Asda regularly providing 40% off. So be sure to sign up when there is a deal on and get a massive discount on your first order.


Monzo is an excellent banking app for students (and anyone else looking for a new bank). It’s easy to set up and all services are online, which means no more needing to go into a branch for your banking needs. Not only that, but you can get your money early on, Monzo. If you’re getting a bank transfer into your account, e.g. wages, or student loans(!), you can get this on Friday at 4pm instead of having to wait until Monday. However, this is only one of the small perks of Monzo, the bank allowing easy transfers to those with Monzo.

Monzo is also fantastic as it allows split the bill, so if you’re ordering takeaway as a group, you can work out how to pay with ease. You make it so everybody pays the same amount, or you can choose an amount for each person.

The final thing that is excellent for students about Monzo is the ease of requesting money from other Monzo users, simply request the amount, add a note, and all the other person needs to do is click, type their pin, and the money is instantly in your account.

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    I've never heard of On Trees! I'm definitely going to have to get it though if it helps you with money! xx

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