Stepping foot into Hotel Brooklyn back in early March was a surreal experience, the hotel that looks like it truly belonged stateside, was a huge change from other hotels we’ve stayed in. Although I am always one who seeks out the quirky looking hotels in the cities we visit, this one felt different, with the lobby looking cool but remaining professional at the same time. Hotel Brooklyn has a large restaurant and a huge seating area to relax within the entrance. The hotel is only a few minutes walk from the city centre and close to Manchester Arena, the location was ideal for exploring the city centre and allowing you to capture the true essence of what is on offer. We were visiting Manchester to see Halsey, so it felt like a great time to check out the hotel I’ve wanted to visit for a while and I wasn’t disappointed. The staff wearing a uniform which matched the vibe of the hotel and I couldn’t wait to find out what our room had in store.

When heading up into our room we were greeted with a lovely spacious room, with the bed facing the window, a tv, mini-fridge, safe, a lovely desk area and a truly awesome bathroom. We were on the 7th floor (the same as when we visited The Pullman in Liverpool) which led us to have a truly beautiful view of the city. Will and I even decided to sleep with the curtains open to be able to enjoy the beauty of the lights across the city and wake up to the sunrise. I’d love to revisit the hotel when the pandemic has come to an end, with Manchester not being its usual quirky self throughout our stay, however, the hotel staff made sure we had a lovely visit all the same.

The Hotel

The hotel itself was lovely to look around and the staff were fantastic, the only downside I’d say was the breakfast, although it was amazing, being able to understand what was actually going on made it confusing as there was so much happening at once. In terms of what was available to choose from you were asked if you wanted any hot food but not presented with a menu and there was also a waffle machine which we didn’t know existed until afterwards.

The bedroom

The bedroom was lovely and for the price, we booked a stay in a double club room which for the night was perfect. The room cost around £68 it had a fantastic layout (different to any other that I’ve stayed in) with the bed facing the window at an angle, providing a stunning view of the city. Which I actually decided would be fantastic to wake up to the sunrise, so slept with the curtains mostly open, although the city is usually crowded with people and filled with traffic, during the sunrise it felt like a different experience. In the bedroom, the bathroom featured something a little bit different, with a big window into the room. Although it’s cool and glazed so you’re not completely on show, however, you can see rather a lot! The shower was amazing, offering a large space with a range of different toiletries to use.

The room also had canned water (going up in the world) along with a Nespresso machine and a few pods, which I didn’t get the chance to try out, however, I want one in my life so bad, it might be worth trying one out next time I’m visiting a hotel.

Thank you Hotel Brooklyn, for my amazing stay and I hope to visit again in the near future. 


*DISCLAIMER* Although I visited this hotel months ago, I wrote my review shortly after my stay in order to be shared at a later date as it didn’t seem right sharing it during the lockdown.

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