How to make your own pins

When it comes to making your own pins the process seems tricky right? I thought the same. That was until I was introduced to an amazing make your own pin and flair kit from Yes I Want It. Of course, I wanted to share the process with you all so you can make your own pins. I loved it that much that I ended up getting supplies to make my own after I’d used up the supplies within the kit. You guys previously loved my tie dye tee post, so I thought I’d share another craft post with you. Keep reading to find out the steps to making your own pins with ease. 

How to make your own pins

The contents of the kit

The kit comes with a variety of items and when I first saw it, I was a little confused about how they were going to turn into pins. The pack comes with:

  • 6 colouring pencils 
  • Shrink film designs 
  • Pin backs and sticky dots 

Before getting the kit I had no idea how Shrink film actually works, so seeing it in action was pretty amazing.  

Yellow Owl Workshop DIY Pins

Making the pins

When it came to making the pins, I couldn’t wait to get started. Here is a step to step guide on how to make the pins: 

  1. Colour the shrink film on the rough side for each design, it works best if you use colouring pencils like the ones which are provided. Make sure you’ve coloured them well and even as it will show when it comes to end result. 
  2. Next you need to cut out all of your designs, make sure you cut around them as a neat as possible as any jagged edges are able to be seen. Whilst cutting around them, preheat your oven to 180° or 160° if you have a fan oven. 
  3. Lay some parchment paper down on a baking tray and pop a few of your cut out designs on the paper. I started with a few to make sure the oven was a good temperature. Too hot can ruin the pins and make them curl up. 
  4. Pop the tray in the oven for around 3 minutes, if you notice your pins begin to curl, you can attempt to re flatten them with a spatula. If they seem to not be flattening out, after you’ve taken them out, let them cool and attempt it again. For this which don’t curl, once they’ve shrunk to the size of around a 2p, these are ready. 
  5. Once your pins are cool, it’s time to stick the backs on. You can either use the sticky dots provided or hot glue to make sure they stay on. Then your pins are good to go.   

The result 

I’m a huge fan of how they turned out and if you want to try making your own pins, I’d recommend starting with this kit. To see more of my pins, check out my Instagram which I made for showing off the latest editions to my pin collection

How to make DIY pins with ease

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