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Pizza my heart tattoo


Last year I created a post on my tattoos in which I knew I was planning my next few tattoos, however, I didn’t just get a few more… I ended up with another 10. Recently I’ve noticed my 2018 post is super popular, so I decided to create a post on my 10 new ones, and also rate the pain again like I did last time as I know you guys said this is helpful to know. If you didn’t know, I am currently running The Tattoo Forum which is an amazing resource for all things tattoos.  As always, I’d love to hear about your tattoos in the comments or on Twitter, I love to hear about what tattoos other people have. 

What’s next?

After my last post, I did have the intention of taking on a leg sleeve and coming back to my arm later, I had two leg tattoos done within a few months of each other and out of all my tattoos on the pain scale, they’re verging near the top. However, both of the pieces are absolutely lush and I am glad I sat through them now. 


Pizza My Heart & Mr Bun Bun & Cici:

Firstly I had a pizza tattoo, for those of you who know me, will know, I love pizza. To be honest, I couldn’t even tell you how many pizzas I’ve eaten in the last few years. I am obsessed. Not the best thing to be obsessed with, however, I couldn’t wait any longer and decided to show my love for pizza by getting a themed piece on my leg and I love it.

Unfortunately, this was one of my least favourite tattoos to get done, now I am unsure if this is due to the position I had to lay in as it made me feel pretty dizzy or the part of the leg it was on, or both possibly. I would rate the pain of this at a 7, but it didn’t stop me going back and getting a 2nd leg piece just a couple of months later. I decided I wanted to get my pet bunnies as a tattoo, they’re my world and when I suggested the idea to Heather, she drew me an amazing design which I couldn’t resist getting. The pain was similar to the pizza tattoo, however, this one was a lot more painful in parts, this may be due to the detail required. I’d probably rate the pain of this piece around a 7.5/8.   


My ‘spooky’ half sleeve:

The first two tattoos I had were both on my wrists and had a lot of meaning for me, at the time I wasn’t planning on getting more on my arms, so trying to get those wrist pieces to fit in within a theme was difficult. On my left arm is my first tattoo which is a lot easier to blend into other pieces. As it is mostly black and white I decided to go with a more spooky vibe on this side of my arm. So far I’ve only added two pieces which were both from a flash sheet, one on Halloween and the other on Valentines Day. Both the bat piece and the spider web weren’t really that painful, they both had a part of them touching a really sensitive area, but that only took a couple of minutes so it wasn’t that bad at all. I’d rate both of these pieces a 5 on the pain scale. The closer to your elbow or hand you get, the more painful it is. 

The sweet things half sleeve:

Most of the tattoos I’ve gotten since my last post are on my right arm. The pieces on this arm include 2 biscuits, a lollipop, a flower cone, a flower and some more background bubbles. Last year I had a little watercolour rabbit, a doughnut and some bubbles. So it’s been great to be able to keep adding cute pieces to it throughout the year. Similarly to the spooky tattoos, the ones near my elbow I nearly died (not literally), it was a horrible experience! Anything near the middle of your arm where it bends or near your hand are awful.

As there so many different places on your arm the pain really does vary, for me from like a 3/4 to a 10 (anywhere near your elbow, I don’t know how anyone can actually get their elbow tattooed, it’s madness!) However, the finished results are amazing so I am pretty made up. The most recent tattoo I had done was a Tamagotchi on the top half of my arm, serious nostalgic vibes with that piece.  I have to say I didn’t think the pain was that bad for this piece so I’d rate it a 3.5. 

All of the tattoos I’ve had over the last year have been done by Heather Stagg @ Blacktide Collective. She does so many bright and fun pieces for me every single time. With regards to the pain, we, of course, all deal with this differently. So the pain rating mentioned in this post is my personal opinion, so I can’t say if it will be more or less for anyone else. 

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