Introducing the Degusta Box:

For this review, I have been gifted a Desguta box. So what is a Degusta Box? The Degusta box is the way a variety of food products each month, these can also include brand new products. With 10-15 products in each box, you are spoiled for choice. Whether you decide to use every product or gift some of them to friends or family. It’s a fantastic way to try products you wouldn’t usually buy or think of buying and it allows you to enjoy some fun treats along the way. The box is £12.99 a month including shipping, so roughly it works out each product is £1 or less. For your first box, you can get this for £7.99 by clicking through my link to Degusta Box.     

So this months Degusta Box features a variety of different foods and drinks and this box contains a large number of vegan products. Including a vegan mayo and Koko Dairy Free. The theme of this months box was Brunch & Afternoon Tea. In the box, you get a variety of food products as well as a recipe leaflet for a Vegan BLT Sandwich and Cinnamon Latte.

Indie Bay 99 Calorie Pretzel Bites

Rock Salt Pretzel Bites £1 x2: 

Similar to pretzels, the rock salt pretzel bites from Indie Bay are another great product in this box. They taste genuinely cooked well, and I think they taste more authentic and salty rather than other brands. They aren’t shaped like traditional pretzels, they come in a ball shape and are super crunchy. These are vegan too which is a great thing, and each portion is around 100 calories or fewer.

Mikybar Mix-Ups £0.65 x2:

When I tried these, I wondered why haven’t these existed sooner? White chocolate buttons with milk chocolate on the inside and vice versa. They make a fantastic change to the typical white chocolate Milkybar and they tasted great. The pieces of chocolate are not thin either so the portion size does feel very generous.

Free From Midget Gems

Shore Seaweed Puffs £1.19:

I tried the salt and vinegar flavoured puffs, it was pretty tasty. There is a very strong aftertaste of saltwater with these puffs, you don’t really notice it after having just one, but a couple can become a bit overwhelming in flavour. I personally think these are great, however not in large quantities, plus the salt and vinegar flavour I had may have exaggerated the aftertaste. These seaweed puffs do make great alternatives to existing popular brands and if you love seafood then this product may be for you.

Daelman’s Duo Stroopwafels £1.29:

These waffles are my personal favourite of this box and they are super tasty. They are sweet waffles with a thin and subtle caramel filling, thin but you do get two in each pack and they can be placed over a hot drink and softened by the heat of your drink. Daelman’s Duo Stroopwafels work really well with tea and coffee, I thought the caramel flavouring of these waffles is a great companion to a white coffee.

Hellmenn's own vegan alternative mayonaise

Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo £2.15:

Vegan Mayo is definitely a special addition to this box. The taste is extremely similar to real Mayo and I would even say it’s almost indistinguishable from the real version, however, I did think it had a saltier taste to the real mayo variety. The vegan mayo is a great source of Omega 3. It’s interesting to see alternatives like this on the market, I’m excited to see what other alternatives to popular condiments will be released in the near future.

Koko Dairy Free £1.99:

In all honesty, I was a little hesitant to try this at first. I kept thinking I wouldn’t like it but I took one sip and was surprised by the flavour. Coconut does have a very strong and distinct flavour but the Koko Dairy Free milk does not exactly have that strong coconut flavour. I personally would describe it as a creamy vanilla taste with only a hint of coconut. I really enjoyed this product, and it’s made me excited to try out more dairy-free milk alternatives.


Splenda Minis £1.50: 

I adore Splenda in my drinks, as it’s a great alternative sugar. It still gets that sweet kick in a drink which you would get from other sugar and sweeteners. The great thing about this box of Splenda sweeteners is that the box is small so it’s easy to pop them in your bag and use them when required in your drinks. If you’re out and about with a bitter coffee Splenda is a great solution to this problem, it’s easy to travel with. 

Firefly Drinks Lemon, Lime & Ginger £1.55:

The Lemon, Lime & Ginger drink by Firefly is packed full of amazing citrus flavour. This drink is vegan-friendly, features no colours or preservatives and only contains naturally occurring ingredients. I would happily recommend this drink as an alternative to those who enjoy citrus flavoured drinks, whether that be fizzy or style drinks.

Processco from Lagioiosa £3.49: 

What’s afternoon tea without prosecco, amirite? Although I am not a drinker myself, I love the idea that comes with everything to be able to create a proper afternoon tea and this prosecco is a lovely idea to include. 


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