Thoughts On Turning 26.

It’s been a long time since I sat down and wrote a post like this and I miss working on blog posts which are spur of the moment and completely open about my mental health and awareness around those topics. I tend to write a post like this every year. It is almost my birthday, which this year more than ever has left me with so many thoughts to consider. With my 26th birthday approaching quickly and leaving the dreaded year of 2020. I often like to take the time to reflect. 

Birthday post

The dreaded year of 2020

2020, a new decade and a whole lot of hope, until, COVID-19 hit the UK. Although I was following the virus back from when it was in Wuhan, at the start of the year, cases were so low when it came to the UK, at one point there were supposedly only 3. Suddenly the UK (most importantly, the Government) lost control of the battle with the virus. When the UK went into lockdown in March, it was a dreaded time, but it allowed us to have some freedom over the summer. But only to later face even worse consequences, with another lockdown and tiers(?) which in my opinion are completely pointless as it seems like nobody sticks to it anymore. But with a Government which appears about as useless as they come, can you blame people?

Sadly my first bunny passed away earlier this year, and as most people just see rabbits as those animals that ‘drop dead’, my pain felt unheard, with comments like, he was just a rabbit. A rabbit that changed my life and meant more to me than words can describe. 

This whole year has been a blur completely, I haven’t been able to see my Grandparents which is one of the hardest parts of the year, and it’s not looking like it’s going to change anymore, which completely breaks my heart. But with the vaccine in sight, I am staying somewhat positive.  


The Joys Of The Year 

Not all of 2020 has been doom and gloom, one of my highlights of the year is that my best friends moved next door(!) and my horrible neighbour left. We can talk over the wall, and I’m often hanging out of the window having a full-blown conversation to one of my pals who is doing something in the garden. It’s given me a reason to bake, and the comfort of them being just next door is reassuring. 

Although I lost a bunny, I gained three more. One at the start of the year and my bunny is called Lewwy (after my all-time favourite documentarian, Lous Theroux.) His owners were selling him as they’d bought a dog and could no longer care for him, but he’s got a lovely home with us and the other buns. In July we also got bunny brothers (who the breeder told us are brother and sister), but they’re getting on excellent, phew! They’re so cheeky and just love treats and running around like mad. 

In March, I was lucky enough to see one of my favourite artists of all time, Halsey. Who is hands down one of the best performers I’ve ever seen. She brings the stage to live and provides the crowd with a whole new sense of love for her.   

I recently received the Cricut Joy for Christmas, and it is truly magical, and I can’t wait to share my craft posts with you all. If you’re looking to purchase a Cricut Joy they currently sell them at CraftStash, along with tons of other great bits and pieces. 

2020 birthday post

Turning 26

Despite the nightmare of everything that has happened this year, I’ve kept going, and like most, I am taking this year day by day. 

On January 13th, I am turning 26. It honestly feels so surreal. There’s something about that age that just seems so daunting, although, it’s only a number, it feels different somehow. Sadly, due to COVID, I wasn’t able to complete much of my turning 25 list, due to the uncertainty of this year I’m not going to set any goals for next year. 

But, once things turn somewhat back to normal, I will book another stay in a hotel and enjoy the best hotel breakfast and some sightseeing. 

With my BPD, my moods finally seem somewhat more under control which I am incredibly grateful for. I sometimes feel guilty for needing to take medication, but then I remember, it’s the same as any physical illness and it’s a chemical imbalance, which I can’t be blamed for. 

Although 2020 was the year I wanted to start to plan my wedding, COVID well and truly stopped those plans, we’ve decided to hold off for a while.  


Despite all of the challenging times of 2020, I hope for a more positive 2021 and here’s to another year. 

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