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The start of January marks my 25th birthday, which is slightly (hugely) terrifying! I remember writing a post for my 23rd birthday and to approaching my 25th already seems unreal. Going into my 7th year of blogging in 2020 has inspired me to share with you my goals for next year as I have done in previous years. With a slightly more sceptical view going into 2019 whereas it was a more positive outlook for the new year back in 2018. I feel like I’m going into 2020 stronger than ever before and I can’t wait for the new year and decade! So until then, I decided to share with you my ultimate goals for 2020 and the year of 25.

Turning 25

Keep growing my business

If you’ve read my blog for a while or follow me on Twitter, you will know this year I took the huge step of going self-employed. It’s a huge change in lifestyle and I’m still adjusting to being my own boss. It’s been 8 months and I’m still absolutely loving it. I set up my social media management and content creation business under Link Donuts (have to donuts in the name, of course!) With each day I am my own boss I become more confident in my abilities, so I’d love to keep growing alongside my fantastic clients.

Go on holiday

It’s been too long since I’ve been on holiday, despite dreaming of heading off somewhere warm for a few weeks. But for my 25th Birthday, I’d love to take a trip. I’m unsure where to go yet, but I love the idea of going back to America, exploring the states sounds like a total dream right now. If not America, I’d love to enjoy a cruise with Emerald Waterways and experience the beauty of a cruise. With so much to do on a cruise, the idea of heading onboard looks so fun!

Start planning my wedding

It’s official, it’s been a whole year since I became engaged! The wedding planning has been on the backburner due to the transition of me becoming self-employed and other things cropping up. However, in 2020 I want to do some serious planning for my dream wedding. Including looking at some venues and even trying on some dresses.

2020 life goals

Go to a festival

It has been years since I last went to a festival and with so many different ones in the UK, it’s about time I went to another. I’m thinking a music festival alongside some sort of food festival (as they always look amazing in pictures). I’ve got my sights set on Leeds festival for 2020 after hearing some of the rumoured artists.

Learn a new language

2020 will be the year I learn another language! After doing French at school, I’ve decided to possibly pursue french again as I did enjoy learning the language. If not French, I’d love to learn some Spanish or Portuguese.

So far, these are my goals for the new year and turning 25. I’d love to know what your plans are for the new year in the comments!

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