If you’re a fan of Animal Crossing or you know of someone who is, they’ll love one of these gifts from small businesses on Etsy. With stickers galore, alongside some epic jewellery pieces. Whether your favourite characters to be used for decorating your switch, phone case or planner, you’ll love the great gifts you can get from Etsy. 

Gift Guide Animal Crossing

NPC Stickers from TheFreckleyPig

These stickers from Jess and Jordan at TheFreckleyPig are not only the cheapest, but they’re also super high quality! With a pack of 6 costing just £2.60, some of your favourite special characters are ready for purchase, with TheFreckleyPig offering several planner stickers and other cute bits and pieces. You can expect a bargain from Jess and Jordan. Plus they even offer free delivery of over £5. 

You can purchase from their Etsy here.  

Aurora and Roald from Pingki Penguin 

If you’re looking for a particular penguin, then these lovely stickers from Pingki are adorable. With sticker sheets from them coming in at £5 for two. Aurora and Roald are super cute, and the designs are lovely and fit the theme of the game well. Including some iconic costumes featured in the game, such as the strawberry outfit, maid uniform and the hotdog costume. 

You can get these from Etsy here. 

Animal crossing gift guide


Molly Earrings from Boo Ba Loos 

If stickers aren’t your thing, why not grab a pair of Animal Crossing earrings from Boo Ba Loos? With these earrings coming in two styles, dangly and studs. With lots of the games favourite characters up for grabs from Boo Ba Loos; whether you’re a fan of cranky, normal or peppy villagers, the recipient will love a pair of these earrings. The earrings come in at £6.99, which is excellent for a Christmas present. 

Animal Crossing Sticker Sheet from ChuChu Illustrations 

Will bought me these adorable autumn-themed stickers from ChuChu Illustrations, and it features Molly, Maple, Fauna, Beau and some excellent mushroom themed stickers. These stickers are glossy and able to be peeled and restuck with ease. These lovely characters are perfect for any autumn-themed projects. Sticker sheets start from £2.49. 

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