A review of MUA Academy brand Pro/Base make up


Introducing MUA 

MUA have come a long way in the last 5 years, I remember when I first started blogging and their £1 lipsticks were the ultimate beauty bloggers must-have. Plus, if you didn’t haul MUA beauty, were you even a blogger in 2013-2014, I think not. The £1 lipstick hype died down and then on to the Luxe Lips took its place. Apart from trying their highlighters last year, I’ve not really used anything from MUA for years. I was gifted some of the new products from their latest range and I got to work with trialling them.
The first thing I will say about their products is their packaging looks lush with the foundation in glass bottles. Their new foundation has 24 shades and they even have a colour match system on their site for those who don’t know which shade they are. It also helps you define your undertones by doing a little quiz. Once you’ve found your ideal shade it’s time to get to work. All the products in the range are £5 or under which I was excited about, as we all love a bit of a budget-friendly makeup, especially for the base as that seems to be the most expensive part. 
MUA pro base primer

Banana Blur Primer:

After years of being one of those people who doesn’t think primer is necessary, I’ve had a revelation over the last few months that primer is indeed needed and does amazing things to your skin and foundation. When it comes to primer, I’d recommend finding one that works for you and actually does what it says on the tin. The banana blur primer gave me a smooth lightweight base to apply my foundation on to. Without using a primer my foundation would stick to certain places and not others. I’ve tried a variety of green-based primers due to me having red skin and acne as it tends to make them look calmer. However, using this primer allowed me to create a more complete and finished look overall and it was matte too, so took away some of that shine I usually can see. Plus it leaves your face feeling amazing after you’ve used it. 

Pro/Base Long-wear Matte Foundation:

Foundation is one of the biggest struggles in my makeup routine if I ever get matched it tends to be in the wrong shade or is super expensive to keep repurchasing the foundation. The Pro Base long wear foundation is £5 so I wasn’t holding out much hope to how it may turn out on my skin. Once I applied my primer I popped some foundation on the back of my hand before applying it to my face. I used the MUA beauty sponge to apply it. I found the foundation to be easily buildable and gives full coverage and even with my oily skin it stays put throughout the day. With such a huge shade range it definitely makes it easier to find a perfect match for your skin and undertones. 
Pro Base setting spray

Pro/Base Fixing Spray:

The final step to my base makeup is to set it. The reason I like the Pro/Base one over a lot of others on the market as the spray seems to be more like a mist as opposed to an actual spray in your face. I love the fixing spray as it sets your makeup and leaves you feeling like it is all locked in place. For longer-lasting makeup with less of the oily look, the Pro/Base fixing spray has your back. For 70ml it is only £4 which is an absolute bargain compared to some of our cult favourites.


It’s been a little while since I’ve attempted to do anything beauty related on the blog but I’ve missed doing beauty reviews so I plan on bringing them back. What products would you like to see me review over the next few weeks?

*Although MUA gifted me with the range, all thoughts are my own* 

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