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The alternatives to Photoshop in 2019 

I’m an avid user of Photoshop, it’s one of my favourite programmes for most things, but it is expensive. However, before I had photoshop I used a variety of other sites which I think are fantastic and do most of the jobs Photoshop can do. As well as Photoshop being expensive, it can also really hard to get your head around and can take some time to learn the basics. So what are the alternatives out there I hear you ask? A lot of sites/apps offer similar programmes which are free and require a lot less learning. Here are some of my favourite free design tools which you’re guaranteed to love.

Creating logos is one of my favourite things to do, whether it is for my blog, my business site or for a friend they’re so much fun to do. Monogram maker is great for designing your own Monograms, which are essentially Logos. These can be used for wedding invites, putting your initials on things such as books, writing letters or to feature on your blog or site for a more professional touch. 

With monogram maker, you can make yourself a monogram is a matter of minutes. Type your chosen word or letters, then choose a font. Every time you click on a font it shows you what your text looks like in that font which I find helpful as I often don’t know what my words will come out like. Then finally choose a frame or upload your own background (or both) and make any colour changes, then you’re welcome to download this, free of charge. How annoying is it when you spend ages on a site and to download it, you need to pay!  


Canva is made up of templates for pretty much anything, all of the templates are editable and you can use them for most things. In Canva there is a search bar where you can type in what you’re looking to make and then some examples will come up, if you like one, open it and add your own things to it, want to make some changes? Delete what you don’t like and mix up the colours. It’s super simple and looks great. I tend to make my media kits on Canva as it has all of the social media buttons on their media kit templates, which saves me a lot of time when looking for the correct buttons. Canva is also great for creating recipe cards and Pinterest pins.

Font Bundles

Fonts can be completely underestimated by creatives and I’m not too sure why searching for your dream font can take some time, however, the font style can make or break your project. The way in which the font is coloured and the style it is in can change the context of the words used also. Most programmes come with the standard fonts but what if you’re looking for something in particular, you’re more likely to find these on paid sites. However, some sites like Font Bundles and Da Font offer them for free, if you’re looking for commercial use a further license may be needed but for the most part, the fonts are free.  On Font Bundles, new fonts are put up for free every week and that fact they’re free makes it even better. With fonts to suit most projects, we’d recommend checking them out.    
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I have so many other apps and recommendations to share with you, let me know in the comments if you’ve enjoyed this post and I’ll start working on another.  


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