Home Bargains adorable egg cups

What is Home Bargains? 

Home Bargains is a UK high street store which is known for selling big brand names at a fraction of the price. 

Home Bargains and B&M are two of my favourite stores and I’m more than happy to admit it! I mean, with bargains galore who could resist? Last year I did a Highstreet Bargain Haul and it was super popular. In the past, I’ve also created Home Bargains and B&M posts including this student essentials one, as I know how helpful both of those posts are when you’re moving to university or just looking for cute pieces to add to your decor. If you’re looking for cheap homewares I’d recommend Home Bargains (I purchased the 4 items which are featured for under £10) but B&M does have a bigger range of home products and a lot of the items look a lot more high quality. If you’re interested in finding out more about my Home Bargains homeware haul stick around to find out how I got on.    

Egg cups £2.49-  

You can’t argue with the fact that these egg cups are adorable and cheap! The cups are a set of four and cost only £2.49. The cups are little metal buckets with handles on and the word eggs printed across the front in 4 pastel colours. I bought these as when Will & I went to have eggs the other day, there wasn’t a single egg cup in the house, despite me still believing there is. With kitchen decor, this cheap (and cute) can you really say no?   

Popcorn Box 79p- 

I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge Popcorn fiend and knew when I saw this awesome popcorn holder that I had to get it. Then I saw it was only 79p and it was instantly in my basket, although the holder will be used for popcorn, I do think it could make quite a cute blog prop.

Unicorn Mug £1.49- 

The fact that this mug only cost me £1.49 shocked me, it’s so cool and has a lovely finish to it, honestly, you wouldn’t think it cost so little. Home Bargains have the biggest mug selection ever, with a variety of mugs ranging from 69p to £3, you’re spoilt for choice. The print of the mug looks magical and totally fits my aesthetic. I’m counting down the days until the hot chocolates come out and I can enjoy one in this lovely mug.  

Jeff Banks Marble Candle £2.99-

When I saw this candle I knew I had to purchase it (because it’s marble), not only does it smell sooo good but the pot it comes in can totally be reused after the candle has burnt out. The candle has two wicks in and for the price, I’m surprised the scent is as strong as it is. Now excuse me whilst I go clean off the copious amounts of glitter which are now on this candle…#bloggerprobs    

Home Bargains Pink Glittery Mug
Jeff Banks Home Bargains Candle
What was your biggest bargain purchase ever? Let me know in the comments, I love to find a good bargain. 


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