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Hold on to your hats Brits (or maybe you won’t need to for once?), you’re in for a real surprise. We are expected to have (at least) another week of glorious sunshine ahead and with Bank Holiday approaching, it has given me the inspiration for a post I’ve wanted to write for a while now. I have previously written a similar post when I was living in a student house, so it wasn’t quite the same as throwing a garden party when living in your own house. With it being towards the end of summer most stores are selling off the last of their summer stock, which means you may be able to get yourself an even bigger bargain. 

Decor & Waterproof LED Outdoor Lighting at the ready

Decorations are always a great touch to any party whether your party is themed or a friends birthday. Make your space more enjoyable by grabbing some balloons, party poppers and other cool decorations. Check the reduced section in the supermarkets you may find yourself a bargain. 

Whilst you’re planning decorations it may also be worth considering items such as chairs, blankets, a cool box, a table and lighting options for when it gets darker. Most of these items can be sourced by asking friends to bring them and using what you already have. For lighting, if your garden doesn’t already have it, grab some waterproof outdoor led lighting, these will come in handy, trust me.   

Is it really a party without food?

The answer to this question is no, food is one of the key parts of any party (in my opinion anyway), for a garden party a buffet/picnic is always a good idea as it allows everyone to contribute items which they like and you get a larger selection of food. Grab some picnic blankets and get ready to relax. If you’re planning on having the party throughout the day, a BBQ may also be an awesome idea, who doesn’t love a BBQ in the summer and even as a veggie I find I can enjoy BBQ styled food now as there are now ranges of “burgers and hotdogs” available. 


If you’re like my friends and I, bringing games is a must for any party. Whether you’re looking for a drinking game to play or a new game which everyone can get involved with Big Potato Games have some fantastic choices such as Weird Things Humans Search and Bucket of Doom. If you’re looking for a drinking game or two, Cards Against Humanity (and some of its many expansion packs) is always a must.

Make a collaborative playlist 

Music is one of those things which nobody ever agrees on, what somebody else may love might be the rubbish to someone else. When you are preparing for the party create a playlist on Spotify which is open and allows others to add their songs to it. Then let everyone know about it, everyone adding songs and putting it on shuffle is a fab way to let everyone have their input. But… it’s not a party without adding the macarena to the playlist, sorry not sorry.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you’re interested in looking at my student version feel free to check it out. I’d love to know in the comments what you think makes an awesome garden party.  

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