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Introducing Taffy Mail

Back in 2015/2016, I did a variety of blog posts around American candy hauls and these were always super popular. Fast forward three years later and I present to you, another American candy haul. Thanks to the guys at Taffy Mail for providing me with this box to review. So what’s in the box I hear you ask? 
There’s a nice mix of chocolates, marshmallow, sugary gummy sweets and fizzy pop. These foods are not all sold in the UK and are generally only purchasable through importation. With that, aside here’s my take on the top 5 items from this box!

Swedish Fish

My personal favourite in the box has to be the Swedish Fish. These are a gummy fish-shaped sweet that was originally produced by a Swedish company and was a hit on the US market. A way to describe them to anyone who hasn’t tried these yet they are like Jelly Babies, but thinner and without the powder coating. The flavours of this pack are tropical-themed and the ones I had were the mini version, so a little different from the traditional red coloured fish. The original flavour of these sweets (Or candy, if you must) is debated but it’s a unique flavour. The tropical flavours of this pack are Pina Colada, Tropical Island, Beachy Punch and Passion Fruit. My favourites were the Pina Colada and Beachy Punch, these flavours were great and I wish Swedish Fish came in packs of just these flavours! I would recommend the tropical flavour Swedish Fish if you ever get your hands on a pack. 
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Big Red

Big Red is a traditional American drink from the early 1900s and it’s classed as a cream soda, ‘red’ cream soda to be correct. When I first tried this drink I was surprised by the flavour because I didn’t know what to expect; the can doesn’t state what flavour it actually is. I had imagined a kind of Dr Pepper fruity flavour or a cherryade flavour due to the colour, but this wasn’t the case and I was really surprised. I can’t really describe what this drink is like other than a different kind of cream soda, and it’s really good. This is one of my favourites from Taffy Mail and I wish they would include more American drinks, there’s so many and most people outside America have never heard of them apart from the big few that dominate the drinks market like Coca Cola.

Jiffy Pop

Jiffy Pop is a stand out in this box, for people in the UK something like this might seem unusual as our popcorn is pretty much all microwaveable in paper bags. In the US, Jiffy Pop is a cookable popcorn on your oven hob. Simply remove the cardboard on top and you’re ready to go, the popcorn will pop and rise within the foil covering, then you can remove the foil and it’s ready to eat. I really like this brand of popcorn as it is an experience, you don’t just pop it in the microwave and wait a few minutes, you get to watch the popcorn rise in front of your eyes and it is so satisfying.

I wish this was sold in more UK stores as it’s listed on a handful, however, remains unavailable. The popcorn tasted great and fresh, definitely better than microwaveable popcorn. If I could choose Jiffy Pop over a sachet to microwave popcorn I would always choose the Jiffy pop! Just look at it, it’s really amazing!

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Andy Capp’s Cheddar fries

Andy Capp’s Cheddar Fries were amazing. The name Andy Capp sounded distinctly British, so after a little research, I discovered that the cartoon character on the front is from a British newspaper cartoon in the Daily Mirror, named Andy Capp. The cartoon strip was apparently on the back of the packets of these crisps, however, this pack wasn’t like that. The flavour of the crisps can only be described like cheese and onion flavoured Chipsticks? Chipsticks are a national favourite with their strong salt and vinegar flavour and these crisps are very close in terms of texture and shape. To be honest, I was expecting the cheddar flavour to be really overpowering but it was really tasty.

I am yet to try the squeeeeze cheese… but there’s always time. 

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