When you get older, staying connected gets more difficult.

When you’re at school you make friends and get to see them most days of the week, during school time, after school and even in the evenings and on weekends. You were always around your friends. If you then went on to move to university, even your longest friendships from back home can be tested. As it becomes harder to balance two groups of friends from different places. However, staying connected with your friends from home, alongside your new friends is important. With social media and instant access to phones, it becomes so much easier to keep in contact. When you get a full-time job it can be one of the most testing times as the day to day bits of life get in the way of seeing/speaking to your friends. With different schedules, accidentally forgetting to message back and everything in between. The best thing about good friends is no matter how much time is spent apart, once you’re back together it feels like nothing has changed.

Giff Gaff Games Night

Stay connected with giffgaff

giffgaff offer a variety of sims and packages to suit everyone, whether you’re looking for a one month contract or to get a phone and stay with them long term. giffgaff hate the idea of tieing you down, so you’re able to leave your contract whenever suits you. With free sims on offer, alongside some pretty amazing deals. It’s pretty easy to stay connected with giffgaff. With that in mind, I was challenged by giffgaff to host my very own games night. I was provided with a range of goodies to help me in my mission. This included a Just Eat gift card, some board games from Big Potato Games, an amazon echo, a go-pro, tons of giffgaff goodies, including some free sims and an Anker portable charger.

Big Potato Games Night
Big Potato Games Night

The games night

When it came to the games night, in which I’d invited my friends Rob and Steve to alongside Will. I couldn’t wait to start playing some of the games that had arrived, as Big Potato always has the best games. With my Amazon Dot plugged in and a collaborative playlist ready on Spotify, we were good to go. My friends can be sore losers, so I thought it would be funny to record, before realising the camera needed to get charged. I did, however, accidentally record some footage of myself when trying to work out how to use it. Sadly that footage will not be making an appearance.

It was established quickly that we were all hungry and decided to venture onto Just Eat. With Papa Johns offering so many great vegetarian and vegan options it was pretty easy to make our choice of where to order from. Whilst waiting for the food we played Bucket of Doom which is like Cards Against Humanity, but you are left to make an escape plan out of one of your cards and sell it to the other players.  As well as Weird Things Humans Search For which is like family fortunes, but you can play on your own. Some of the things in the game really are weird though. Shortly after the food arrived and it looked amazing. You can never go wrong with Papa Johns! 

Giff Gaff Games Night

After food, we had a few more games of Bucket of Doom as well as playing Obama Llama 2 (which also is a really fun game) and that was the end of our games night. As a huge fan of board games, I appreciate that they’re still made and I’m super happy that giffgaff gave us that much needed time to play them.

If you’re interested in a contract with giffgaff or a sim only deal their site has plenty to offer.

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  1. Sarah Bailey says:

    It is so hard to make new friends once you have got out of school isn’t it? I need to check out Obama Llamas 2 – I have Llamas Unleashed but I’m guessing it’s very different lol.

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