When it comes to Halloween, I am at the peak of my creativity. So when Hobbycraft set me the challenge to give these ceramic skulls which are actually tealight holders tea light holders a makeover, I decided to show off my personality and bring the rainbow out in full force. Although it’s Halloween, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, especially when there are bright paint, glitter and a blank canvas to play with.

The great thing about decorating a blank canvas (or skull in this case)  is that you get to create your vision and make the ideal piece for your home.

Getting started on the skulls

When it came to getting started, I decided to paint colour on the skull first and then fill in the rest with black. I recently purchased some neon paints and decided against the black the colour would look amazing. I decided the other pumpkin with its hat on was mostly going to be black and glittery with a few dashes of colour finished off with some added touches.

Halloween Ceramic Skulls
Sugar Skull Ceramic Design

Adding the colour

When it came to adding the colour I just decided to go for it (as I am not much of a planner) colouring in the various raised parts and leaving the rest white ready to add the black around the outlines. With the second skull, the paint was done mostly black first, adding colour in some sections then once dry, adding a further coat of black paint.

Once these were dry, it was time to complete the finishing touches. I decided it would be cool to stick some fake spiders on one of the skulls as it gives an extra spooky illusion, however, I decided to leave the black one in the packet alone as it was a bit too realistic.

Ceramic Skull Designs
Ceramic Skull Design

Final steps

To complete the the look, I decided to cover one of the skulls in glue and coat it in glitter, then add some sticky eyes to the top of the hat. I went round some of the areas again to provide extra detail. I would recommend doing something like this if you’re into halloween as it gives you a chance to get creative.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you would like to get any of the bits and pieces from this post they’re all currently available from Hobbycraft. If painting isn’t your thing why not check out these zombie glass cheesecakes instead.

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