Birtellis pizza date night

It’s now 2021, and sadly, life is anything but normal. With the pandemic keeping most of us confined to our homes, it’s a great time to focus on ourselves and those around us. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is a great time to enjoy yourself. Whether that’s with a large bottle of wine, a takeaway and films, an evening playing games or an out of the box date, staying in and creating experiences and joy whilst staying indoors. Although it can be a challenge, with the help of Prezzybox, I was able to plan the perfect date night for Will & I, and it was fun, but most importantly in our front room as opposed to a restaurant or a hotel.

birtellis pizza date night

So where to start?

I headed on to the Prezzybox website. Quickly I was drawn to their pizza section, which is not only chocolate pizzas but also an experience from Birtellis, with a box of fresh ingredients, including a crafted base, and everything you’d choose to put on a pizza. With plenty of topping choices, it’s easier than ever to get tasty pizza to your home, to allow you to jazz up your date night. Unlike takeaway pizzas, you put all of the ingredients on to a ready-made base yourself, which if you’re like me and are a bit rubbish at making your dough, it is a sigh of relief, with no waste, and a quick cooking time. I have to say this is one of the best pizzas I’ve ever tasted. With a similar taste and feel to The Stable in Birmingham from your own home. The creative aspect makes the pizza taste even better as it’s catered for your taste.

Birtellis Pizza

When choosing your pizza choice from Birtilies via Prezzybox, they offer an easy personalisation setting where you choose your pizza. Within a few days (or you can plan), your pizza box will be delivered by courier. I went for the traditional margarita, whereas Will went for the ‘Veggie Garden’, filled to the brim with yummy fresh veg. The pizza is easily put together, then popped in the oven for 10-12 minutes, giving you the ultimate pizza, may I say, even better than some of the restaurant pizzas I’ve had in the past (a bold claim I know.)

Naked Marshmallow Co
After pizza, we had smores made with the fantastic Naked Marshmallow Co kit, consisting of biscuits, giant marshmallows, skewers, a non-toxic, smokeless burner some slabs of chocolate from Hershey’s. Creating smores is a fantastic idea for dessert and allows you to have fun whilst making it. I was a little confused about the burner to start with, but once we figured it out, it was amazing to taste the freshly toasted marshmallows. Creating the smores was a bit more of a challenge, however, once we got the momentum going, we made all of the smores ready to eat once we’d finishing toasting them.

The experience of the smores is super fun and I’d recommend trying it out for any date night if you like marshmallows. 

Naked Marshmallow Co Date Night

Smores Prezzybox

To finish off the evening we had ‘champagne’ and ‘strawberries’, made from chocolate instead of the actual thing, as Choc on Choc, creates the most fantastic looking food items (and that’s why I’ve featured them on so many occasions.) Finally, we played some games from the big boredom box, which is excellent for anyone of any age and complete to the brim with classic games. However, adding a few games from Big Potato in there is also an awesome idea. 

Choc on Choc Date Night

Prezzy box games night

And there you have it, if you are a fan of pizza, looking for date night inspirations or love the sweeter things in life, this guide is perfect for inspiration.

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