2020 was the year for Zoom and online events. With so many different events being missed out on, many of us took to hosting them online. However, fast forward to 2021, and a lot more events are taking place in person. Although things aren’t quite how they were a few years back, you can still plan a great event in 2021. As some of us are opting to stay online for our events, planning them may seem tricky; however, it doesn’t need to be with so many awesome ideas to come out of 2020 in terms of event planning.

However, if you are grabbing the opportunity where they can to have an event in person, this guide will also be helpful to you. Whether it’s a wedding, party or a corporate event, there are so many interesting ideas out there. If you’re unsure of where to get started, here are some of the things to consider when planning for an event.

Great event in 2021
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Find unorthodox talent

One of the best things about any event is talent, whether it’s music, a magician or a dancer. But where do you even look when it comes to finding talent for your event? Using an app such as the Special Guest app to find cool talent is ideal for getting started.

With Special Guest being the bridge between artists and those looking to hire them, having a bunch of different talent in one place is key. Whether you’re looking for a violinist for hire, circus acts to wow your guests or even a virtual performance, and this app is for you.

One of my favourite things about Special Guest is being able to book talent from anywhere and everywhere. As well as being able to host online events and use the talent on Special Guest. Finding entertainment in this way can also provide artists you may not get in your city.

Location, location, location

This is especially important when planning your event in 2021. The first thing to consider is virtual or in person? Once this has been decided, you can simplify your event planning by simply choosing software and working on talent, food and themes. However, if you plan on having an event in person, you need to choose a location. Think indoors or outdoors, somewhere which fits your talent and also your theme.

Look for cool food options.

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Food, of course, is one of the key components of any event. If you’re having an event in person, buffet-style food might be at the back of your list. Having food stalls for your event is a great way to support small businesses and allow people to get the food they want.

If you’re planning an online event, why not send your guests hampers in advance, so you can all enjoy a meal together.

Decide on a theme

Would it really be an event without a theme? Planning an event that involves dressing up as always adds an extra layer of fun to your event. Plus, would it really be an event without a theme? Whether you choose to keep it classic with formal attire, or you’re looking for something more fun, such as a costume party – every event needs a theme. 

With Christmas quickly approaching, lots of us are looking into planning a Christmas party. If you’re looking to host a Christmas party, be sure to book your entertainment as soon as possible. Even though events are different now, you can still plan a great event in 2021 with these tips.

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