5 easy ways to save money on your wedding day.

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Weddings are an expensive business, according to a survey conducted by Hitched the average cost of a wedding costs £31,974 in the UK. Which is a huge amount and for most of us completely out of reach. Good news, not all weddings have to be huge and you can still get married and be able to afford a wedding. As someone who is engaged the possibility of getting married seems so far away, however, I’ve found some interesting tips to help me save money when it comes to our big day. So here are 5 easy ways to save you money on your big day.

Wedding day costs

Check the date

There are certain times in the year which are more expensive than others. With Valentine’s Day, Bank Holidays and Saturdays coming in at the most expensive days for a wedding. Although Saturday is ideal for most as they have the weekend off, your purse strings disagree. With Saturday being such a popular day to get married you can expect a long wait and due to this, the price is likely to be hiked up due to demand. Friday, Sunday or another weekday may be the best date. Winter and Autumn weddings also tend to be less in demand.

Use photo sharing apps

Have you even been to a wedding if you don’t post it online? Even more so, did you even get married if you didn’t? When it comes to snaps of your big day if you choose to have a professional photographer these can be expensive. If you know someone who is a friend/family member who can take the snaps for you at a discount rate (as a wedding gift) that would be a great way to save some money.

When it comes to pictures that the guests have taken, ask everyone to download Wedding Photo Swap so you can see all of the pictures taken on the day. Think back to the disposable camera and that friends episode. Sharing snaps via the app not only allows everyone to be able to see them, but you as a couple can reflect back on the day from photos which others have captured. I know that wedding photo sharing is something I would do at my wedding.

Get crafting

By making decorations, wedding favours and invites, you’ll save some serious cash. Plus it gives you a chance to recreate some of the pins you’ve had on your Pinterest board for the last 5 years. Imagine DIY has some amazing invitation ideas on their site.

Wedding day costs


Make a collaborative playlist.

Before the big day, create a playlist on Spotify and send it to your guests to add songs for the evening do. Not only is this a free way to enjoy music, but it also makes it more personal. As your friends and family are likely to pick songs you like and also ones which make you cringe. But it’s all part of the fun… right?

Let people help when they offer.

When a guest offers to pay for something for the wedding or offers a service as a gift for your wedding, allow them to do it. Whether it’s making a cake, flower arranging or paying for transport. Not only does it make it easier for guests when it comes to thinking of a gift but it also helps out with the costs. Which of course saves you money!

7 thoughts on “How to have a wedding on a budget

  1. Rebecca Smith says:

    These are great ideas. I especially love the idea of a photo sharing app. What a great way to collate all the photos people take from your happy day.


    Weddings can be so expensive. It’s great to be able to have ways to save a little bit here and there before it goes too far over budget.

  3. Mellissa Williams says:

    Weddings can be so expensive. We had a small wedding and didn’t invite everyone but a load of people turned up lol I would say go to Gretna Green, as they do so many weddings everything is so resonable in price

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