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Dream big and find your dream career

As a kid, most of us say what we’d love to be when we grow up. Usually down the route of doctor, firefighter, nurse or astronaut. Then whilst growing up most of us have our dreams and aspirations which we’d love to turn into a reality. Since I was young I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Back in Primary school, I wrote a book called “my teacher is an alien” and drew some questionable pictures to go with it. But I still have that book and even when I wrote it at 10 years old on a bit of folded paper stapled together, it was obvious being a creative person is just part of who I am.

I’d write books on Microsoft word aimed at young adults, thinking I knew everything there was to know about the world. I even took to writing kids books, with my favourite (which I still have a copy of) called Mr Billy’s’ swimming trunks where they change colour each day he heads into the pool. Although I wrote this at 12 years old, I was convinced I’d become an author. Despite this I am yet to get a book published; I do writing every single day as a freelancer and also writing on my blog. One day I still hope to be able to get my own book published. However, I’m content with where my writing is at and know it is getting stronger every day. When looking into book publishing, I became inspired to write about how to get your dream career and I thought I’d share with you some of the knowledge I’ve learnt so far.

Landing your dream career

Do your research

The first step to landing your dream job is doing the research behind how to get there, whether that is looking into courses, finding out how others have managed it and the paths you can take to get there. By doing research you can set yourself achievable goals when it comes to landing your dream job. When I wanted to start freelancing full time, I took the time to figure out if it was really possible and how to get started. I feel like without that research I may have struggled to figure out where to start.

Get the qualifications needed

If your future career requires qualifications, it’s worth trying to work out how to get them. If you’re at the age where you’re looking to go to university taking a course in the subject you are most passionate about is a great first step. However, if you find your dream job later on in life there are other ways to get those qualifications needed.

Sign up to recruitment agencies and job boards

Depending on what career you’d like to go into, there are often specialist agencies who help you to land your dream career within a certain field. For example, you can find a Legal Recruitment agency who specialise in jobs within the legal sector. With anything from a data protection lawyer to a solicitor. Other specialised agencies tend to include cars, retail and catering as these jobs are often hiring. By signing up to an agency they can put you forward when there is a vacancy.

Alongside recruitment agencies, there is also job boards and sites, such as Indeed or Reed. Where you can find pages of jobs within your area, however, it can be harder to find a specialist job.

Dream career

Build a stand out cv

If you’ve started to apply to jobs, but, so far, not had any luck when it comes to getting an interview take a look at your CV. When it comes to standing out and getting noticed your CV is the place to do it. Make sure everything on your CV is correct, up to date information, highest levels of qualifications, previous jobs and also include an about me section. Although you’re looking to stand out, employers won’t be looking for a CV that hurts their eyes to view. However, be sure to make it relevant to the job you’re applying and show off your skills.

If you’re setting off on a mission to land your perfect career, I hope these tips are helpful and for further advice, there is plenty more advice on landing your dream job on Monster.

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