What I always pack for travelling!

Going away travelling can be a stressful experience for anyone, for me, I find it difficult due to the masses of anxiety that build up beforehand and I ended up forgetting just about everything I am supposed to take with me. Packing for a holiday is something I dread as I am more of a […]

Festivals Around The World.

Festivals in England primarily consist of either one of two things. It’s a complete mud pit and you basically may as well be the mud by the end of it or it’s scorching hot but us Brits don’t know to handle this and end up moaning about how hot it is, would we even be British […]

How To Stay Safe At Festivals AD

Most of us have now seen the Snapchat of the girl who had her drink spiked at a festival a few months back, and it’s so out of order that this happens at festivals, and honestly shocks me that someone could do that. Luckily for the girl, she caught it on camera and the guy soon […]

Universal Studios

My trip to the Universal Studios in Florida.

When I visited Florida one of my favourite days out was Universal Studios alongside Disneyland (who doesn’t love visiting Disneyland) and during my time in America, I experienced plenty of new experiences. One of the places I was most excited to visit when I was planning the trip was Universal Studios. Being a film student […]