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Since I discovered Junkyard Golf Club last year, I’ve wanted to visit as from pictures it looks amazing and what is not to love about bright lights, alcohol and mini-golf right? With three themed courses. I believe that they do vary from place to place, but they do let you know once you arrive the choices. You can pre-book to make sure you get the course of your choice as at busy times I am assuming it’s a lot harder to get in. The three courses at the Manchester Junkyard Club are Pablo, Gary and Bozo. With Pablo being a jungle theme, Gary being a scrapyard and Bozo being a clown theme. The Golf Club was a 5-minute walk from our hotel and decided to just go for it. Remember your ID as you will need it to get in.
There is a bar downstairs which I wish we had of gone to, as when we went upstairs we were greeted by a huge group of people all waiting to served drinks. Whilst I was waiting for a drink, Will went and got the tickets for the course. The tickets are £8 in the week which I thought was super reasonable. Will chose the Pablo course, then we were both given wrist bands and time we can go into the course. There is a cloakroom at Junkyard, however, I forgot to bring any change so couldn’t use it, wouldn’t recommend lads. Carrying your coat around is super annoying. My drink was super full of ice and was similar to a slush puppy and kept melting everywhere so we had to sort that out before progressing. 
Will & Olivia
Our Gif from Junkyard Golf!



When we walked through to the Pablo course we were greeted by a photo booth which I knew we had to take advantage of and luckily for us, it was free and all done online, then you can get a GIF of your images for your social media and I had mine emailed to me, to allow me to use it in this post yay. The course was 9 holes and filled with amazing surprises. The whole place was lit up and was rammed with props. It looked amazing and from above we could see the Bozo course, I was a little bit envious as it looked more colourful than the one we were doing and I’d definitely go for that course next time. Each of the holes has a name which is on a screen and the screen also tells you how many shots you should have at each hole, which is definitely not a lot. Some of the holes were crazy and I can’t imagine how much worse they’d be when drunk, however, it was so much fun and we couldn’t stop laughing. Going with a group of friends would be even more fun as there are plenty of opportunities to take selfies and enjoy your drinks along the way. 
A Shot of Junkyard Golf
Prop Leopard
The course itself is full of stuffed animals which I thought was a great touch to the course, as well as lights which allowed the course to be a variety of different colours. Throughout the course, I felt more confident in my ability to do mini-golf. I mean previously I’ve only done it when I was under 10 when it was the middle of summer and the last time was when I was hungover, the last two I wouldn’t recommend. The Junkyard Golf Club is a lot of fun and great for date night, meeting up with friends and is an experience for sure. To finish off the night we went and had a drink at the downstairs bar before heading back to our hotel. The next time I go, I will definitely be taking some change to get rid of my coat. 
Mini Golf
Pelican Prop
Dungarees & Donuts enjoying a drink.
Have you ever been to the Junkyard Golf Club?

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