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A few weeks ago Meghan Markle gave birth for the first time. For those of you who don’t know who Meghan is, she was an American actress on a successful show called Suits for many years and then in 2018 she married Prince Harry and became a part of the Royal Family, complete 180 right? As part of the Royal Family, she was expected to fulfil certain criteria whilst pregnant for the rest of the world. Usually, when someone from the Royal Family gives birth they will then show off their new baby within a few hours and Meghan didn’t want to do that, which I think is fair enough, getting judged in front of the nation just after I’d given birth, I wouldn’t want to do that. Society is a weird thing that people are very judgemental about if it doesn’t fit their mould of perfect. 

The pressures of society













Although I feel like a lot of people begrudged her of it, when she finally did show off Archie, people started to critique her weight and the way her body looks. To me I was shocked that people could believe these things let alone saying them, and although, Meghan likely won’t see the comments it does make you wonder what these people think of the rest of us in society. 8 out of 10 new mums suffer from the Baby Blues, which is completely normal after giving birth, but the additional pressures are never going to help with that. Smart Cells created a great set of cards to help cards to see parents through the first few weeks of parenthood. From Meghan to any person in the spotlight who gets pregnant, gains weight or even loses weight the people of the world will have something to say about it. When you look at magazines in the supermarkets you see the covers are filled with toxic rubbish about celebrities, this person has gained weight or been dumped, it must be soul-destroying for the person on the other end of these articles. 

As someone who suffers from anxiety and other mental health conditions, I know exactly what it is like to feel judged by pretty much everyone and most of the time that isn’t even the case. Logging on to social media like Instagram can be a dangerous game when you’re going through a tough time as you spend hours comparing yourself and wondering how you can make yourself more accepted by society. The standards are so unbelievably high these days I feel like it is almost impossible for anyone to feel accepted.















Being a teenager and growing up with the internet was one of those things that had me questioning so much about the way I looked, what I should be wearing and how to feel accepted by those around me. Me being me and deciding that I was never going to be societies version of perfect had me taking the opposite approach and living for me instead of how others wanted me to be, it’s a great feeling. It’s one I still try to stand by now. But for those who are desperate to look like they’re shown on TV or online, it must be hard to deal with as you aren’t able to escape it as easily anymore as pretty much everyone has the internet. To be completely honest I don’t think I will ever understand why we live in a world full of judgement and expect people to act and be a certain way as each person is an individual and life is too short to care what others think. Whether you’re in the spotlight or not, the way you are and what society expects of you is too much and you’re ok to step away from that in order to be happy. End of.   

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